Another Bill Becker Masterpiece!

Bill Becker's Miss Tiny
Bill Becker's Miss Tiny

Miss Tiny, Built from plans of a 1940’s Modelcraft kit. The original (built by Paul Kugler) is in the Smithsonian. The model is covered in Japanese tissue aquired from Shorty’s Basement. Bill reports the tissue from Shortys is absolutely the best, even going over compound curves nicely. The wheels look like Trexlers but are actually made from balsa. Check out the little fill tubes made from a section of black wire insulation. Powered by a GWS IPS drive system. They’ve been out of stock lately so he built the motor system from broken bits in the spares box. Originally a 46″ x 6″ cord free flight model designed for a Ohlsson “23”, Phantom or Trojan.  Reduced to 36″ for the drive system.

Bill Becker's Miss Tiny
Bill Becker's Miss Tiny

The plans where hard to find, paid dearly, a friend of a friend had them. Had to meet them in London Ohio, piched in $20 for fuel, bought the man a huge $15 breakfast at Bob Evans, reduced them at Kinko’s, ($5) and returned the original. Model is 3 channels, IPS-A drive with 8-6 prop. It’s probably only pulling 10 watts with that small prop! Flys on a 2S Kypom 450, Berg 4L RX. Flying weight is 7.4 ounces. Airfoil is slightly undercambered. Model was framed up with electronics installed in about 15 hours. About 2.5 hours to cover. Bill says CA lets him really move fast. Although Bill seldom builds models larger than this, he likes how this model flys so well he’s planning on building the full size version.

Bill Becker's Miss Tiny
Builders are Happy people!

Bill got inspired after seeing a picture in a book book about models in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum he purchased for only $2. The museum model was Yellow with black trim. All the wood, electronics came from Radical RC. Built by Bill Becker of the Springfield Model Airplane club. This guy knows how to glue two sticks together!

Book, On Miniature Wings: Smithsonian Book Store


ModelRama 2012 In The Books


We had a great time at the Modelrama. It was our highest grossing Swap Meet so far. I’m glad you let us sell shirts during the auction because we had another $200.00 in sales after the auction started. The best selling design was the Jumbo Corsair………

Darryl Iott
IM Screen Printing Co.


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and all the Dayton Wingmasters for the fine hospitality my wife and I enjoyed at the swap meet last Saturday. All the folks we met were so kind and gracious to us, we had a wonderful time. If we didn’t know better, we’d have thought you were all “Sutherners”. Please extend our thanks to everyone who worked to make the event go so smoothly, and to all the R/Cers who did business with us, we really appreciate it, and we’re looking forward to coming back again next year.

Thanks again Dave. Dianne and I look forward to seeing you again next year, or maybe next month at Perry, Georgia.

David McCormick
Dave’s R/C Electronics

Setting a new record again with 174 table reservations and thousands of dollars in auctioned models. Approximately 500 modelers attended from 5 states. The weather was a bit cool at 15 degrees Saturday morning. A perfect day to spend inside hunting new and used RC goodies! We thank you for attending and thank all the volunteers that worked hard to make this event a winner year after year. Mark your calendar for Feb 9, 2013.


2012 Midwest ModelRama Tables Sold Out!

The show tables are sold out. In 2011 we had 138 tables, in 2012 wel have 170 tables of goodies for you to wheel and deal for. And a wonderful auction. You never know what you’ll bag at the ModelRama. Standby reservations are being taken at this time. Usually there are a few no shows. Those tables are released at 8:30am sharp. We’ll do whatever is possible to work you into the show. This is the largest swap for 100’s of miles. The only larger swap meets that I am aware of are Perry Georgia and Hamburg Pennsylvania. This is the place to get your supplies and new models for the 2012 season and a great place to sell off unwanted models and goodies to fund your Toledo run. Be there! See Midwest ModelRama below for the show flyer and all information.


Midwest ModelRama

Models Models Everywhere!

Real Customers Browsing

Midwest ModelRama Details. It’s time to write it on you calendar and plan to attend the ModelRama. It’s held each year in Dayton Ohio and is the largest Swap/Auction in the Tri-State. As you can see from the 2011 images, it’s a show with plenty of shoppers and lots of tables loaded with goodies. Your sure to find new and used ready to flys. We always have a good selection of models from excellent to resto. Also lots of suppliers and goodie boxes galore to root through. Not only a good selection of of used but also new will be on hand. Bring a few extra bills, your sure to find something worth sneaking in the house here. If you’ve got some items you want to clear out, try our auction. We’ll turn that pile of once-loved goodies into cash so you can get what you really want.