President calls for review of “Stand Your Ground”.

Huffington post article: Obama Calls for Review of Stand Your Ground Laws After Trayvon Verdict

Obama: “I think it would be useful for us to examine some state and local laws to see if it — if they are designed in such a way that they may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case, rather than defuse potential altercations,”

My HPO Remarks: “In order to have a more docile public, perhaps we should replace it (Stand Your Ground) with “Bend over and take it.” No Mr. president, requiring people to turn their back on a potential killer is like running from a dog, cowardice invites trouble. Only in a society where government owns it’s citizens can one rationalize government approved self defense. I own me.”


President to Use Children as Backdrop to Gun Control

Posted in my Facebook feed in response to using children from Sandy Hook to legitimize extra constitutional executive order anouncements today.

“Are we to be surprised? A prefix image to warm our hearts to action without results. Smaller magazines wouldn’t have had any impact at all on Sandy Hook. How long did the madman Lanza lay on the floor dead before anybody entered the room to see him dead? If he had to use a 6 round magazine, he could have merely changed it 4 times and accomplished the same result. 4-12 seconds. Are we to suppose this is effective change? This has nothing to do with children and everything to do with striking a blow against Liberty, against the Liberty of teachers and administrators to be free full citizens, armed if they choose. It’s about the reduction of choice, the reduction of Liberty, the preservation of criminal preference, the sacred “gun free zone” at any cost, even the cost of more children’s lives. How many more people must die while we placate this insane philosophy? It is pure madness to suppose that defenseless peoples are more safe. While I respect ones individual right to choose, it is pure evil to impose defenselessness upon another. In our day to day activities, it’s important to never allow this immoral position to assume the high moral ground. Do not stand for it. A working definition of religion is devotion and adherence to an ideal regardless of any evidence or lack thereof. So defined, we are clearly dealing with religious zealots. Do not allow them to force upon you their doctrine. There is no defense for opposing a teacher or any other citizen stopping the madman Lanza in a pool of his own blood. And I assert these opponents to Liberty are defending the capability of future madmen like Lanza to do exactly as they please. If the status quo cannot be maintained, then future incidents requiring immediate government action will be fewer.

We must not forget Rom Emanuel (D) confession of strategy:

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


Shame for Shame for Shame, Why is America so weak?

Four Star General Ham who gave this interview to a FOX reporter was relieved of command on October 18. It is speculated he was fired for disagreeing with orders to stand down.

As it comes to pass it turns out 4 Americans die in Libya at the Benghazi embassy. After months of begging for more security and 6 to 7 hours of begging for help during the attack and nobody came. Nobody was sent even though forces were less than 2 hours away. Our elite troops within hours of the site were not utilized to save our people. These troops are sworn to protect the life and liberty of American’s and they were not utilized. 300-400 emails received by the administration, including direct to the situation room (staffed by approx 30 senior officers 7 days, 24 hours) and the presidents office. Why so many attempts to get help? THEY WERE GOING TO DIE OTHERWISE. Our people were in a desperate situation. Do you suppose as each minute passed they were sure, they were confident boots would be on the ground, by parachute or helicopter to help them? Minute by minute they knew they would be saved. We are Americans after all! We don’t leave our people to die by choice!

Why when our public servants were under attack, when the video was playing live in the situation room, why were our people left to die? It is a horrible shame that these people were left to be killed when clearly we could have mounted a defense for them if our leadership had thought defending these Americans in government service were important enough to warrant decisiveness.

Furthermore, those that wanted to help were told to stand down. These people were left to die as if they were our most hated enemy’s. Maybe some other goal was judged more important? Were they gambling our people would survive and news reports that terrorism is “alive and well” wouldn’t hit the news outlets during a competitive election cycle? Were these Americans simply sacrificed in order to cash in on an opportunity to strike at free speech using the a movie trailer (one mans free speech) as the cause of the deaths? Was the attack on free speech merely an additional benefit of using this method to covering up the failure? They certainly did claim it was the cause on many occasions for which recordings are available for your review. Was it just too late and too tired out to do anything about it tonight? I don’t know if they were left to die for the advance “fundamental transformation” goals, political gain, for lack of will to act or just too busy. However, I am furious, disappointed and deeply ashamed that there is room in America, room in American hearts for such weakness and careless disregard for our citizens in need of help.

Read the latest story: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Read more detail and the time line of events as it’s known today. Benghazi endgame: CIA told to stand down instead of helping Americans under fire

United Liberty Artical: CIA told to “stand down” during Benghazi attack

Added Information as of November 6, 2012. Bret Baier’s Death and Deceit in Benghazi

Added Information as of November 6, 2012. Bret Baier’s Death and Deceit in Benghazi
Video’s showing our government officials reinforcing the lie that a video caused an angry mob to attack in Benghazi

Jay Carney White House Press Secretary Reinforcing the Lie on 09/14/2012

Hillary Clinton falls on her sword for the Commander and Chief even though she is not in command of any military resources:

Notice she describes the event as “In the fog of war.” However the only fog was in the decision between protecting American’s and doing nothing. War requires two parties to be fighting, Our government was not fighting.

The paper trail is uncovered:


Funny, Those In Power Often Rewrite The History Books

I’ve watched and listened to the DNC (Democratic National Convention) over the last 3 days. Nearly every speaker talked about the million jobs saved when Obama and Biden bailed out the auto industry.

The auto industry bailout was announced December 19, 2008 by the treasury department.
Bailout Timeline

Wiki page on Bailouts describing the request by the auto industry in 2008 and the agreement of president Bush in early December. Wiki Bailout Page

New York Times runs a story on December 19, 2008 entitled:Bush Approves $17 Billion Auto Bailout

And finally:

Barack Obama was sworn into office as our 44th president on January 20th, 2009.
Wiki Inauguration of Barack Obama

Is this a lie?  DNC 2012 video below:

Maybe I have this wrong. However, it appears there was a full month between the announcement of the Auto Bailout (Dec 19, 2008) and Inauguration Day (Jan 20, 2009).

Was Obama and Biden actually running the country in the months prior to Inauguration day?

Is the claim a fabrication intended to fool those who would never bother to look back at historic records?

When an entire campaign arranges the calendar in a different order and nobody notices, does it say something about our average citizen?

Does it say something about our media that calls itself “news”.

What does it say when those that make the claim have no fear they will ever be discovered?

Did you hear about this obvious error (or fabrication?) on your local news channel? Maybe you should consider very carefully what you define as news.

Other interesting items:
Fact on bailout claims. Did you know that the auto companies did actually under Obama file bankruptcy which is what they claim Romney and Ryan would have preferred to the detriment of the country. Weird isn’t it?

Regardless of who you plan to vote for or how you feel about the auto industry bailouts, you should always take time to do a little basic research. A little reading and a little study goes a long way to assuage ignorance. I’m not trying to tell you what to think. I’m trying to urge you to think.

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.