President to Use Children as Backdrop to Gun Control

Posted in my Facebook feed in response to using children from Sandy Hook to legitimize extra constitutional executive order anouncements today.

“Are we to be surprised? A prefix image to warm our hearts to action without results. Smaller magazines wouldn’t have had any impact at all on Sandy Hook. How long did the madman Lanza lay on the floor dead before anybody entered the room to see him dead? If he had to use a 6 round magazine, he could have merely changed it 4 times and accomplished the same result. 4-12 seconds. Are we to suppose this is effective change? This has nothing to do with children and everything to do with striking a blow against Liberty, against the Liberty of teachers and administrators to be free full citizens, armed if they choose. It’s about the reduction of choice, the reduction of Liberty, the preservation of criminal preference, the sacred “gun free zone” at any cost, even the cost of more children’s lives. How many more people must die while we placate this insane philosophy? It is pure madness to suppose that defenseless peoples are more safe. While I respect ones individual right to choose, it is pure evil to impose defenselessness upon another. In our day to day activities, it’s important to never allow this immoral position to assume the high moral ground. Do not stand for it. A working definition of religion is devotion and adherence to an ideal regardless of any evidence or lack thereof. So defined, we are clearly dealing with religious zealots. Do not allow them to force upon you their doctrine. There is no defense for opposing a teacher or any other citizen stopping the madman Lanza in a pool of his own blood. And I assert these opponents to Liberty are defending the capability of future madmen like Lanza to do exactly as they please. If the status quo cannot be maintained, then future incidents requiring immediate government action will be fewer.

We must not forget Rom Emanuel (D) confession of strategy:

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


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