“Dave, I Got to fly my lazy bee today and I only have one comment.


She flies every bit as good as with gas! Thanks for the set up!

My lazy Bee is a 42in wing with ailerons. Current setup is now a Himax 2812-0850. a Phoenix 25, and a 3S2000 mAh 15c LiPo. 10×6 e-prop. The bee went from 1lb.4oz (less fuel) with O.S. LA.010 to 1lb 14oz electric. The 10×6 prop only clears the ground on all three tires but I had no luck with ground launches anyway. It’s the same plane now with no mess. I just charge, assemble, and fly, at will! I’m drooling to get the Magic ARF set up the same way.”

Jim Rose”

November 2004


“Dave, I wanted to thank Chris for a great soldering job on my Nippy motor and Phoenix 10 speed control. I had originally taken the components to a local hobby shop to get the soldering done. I decided to back out and send them to you instead.

Thanks again.

Tom Steinhoff
Columbus, OH”

August 2004


“Dave, I finally got to fly the micro stick today, and the Python 30 with a 7-6 prop is a fantastic combination! The finished model weighs in at 4.5 oz and, once trimmed, flies like a dream. The first flight was a tad hairy for
the first few seconds, but the plane came home in one piece after about an hour in the air. Nice design, easy to assemble, plenty of room for the flight electronics and servos, and I plan to order the Mini Stick soon. Once I saw the article in RC Microflight, I definitely had the Micro Stick at the top of my list of planes to try this summer. The airborne package is:

GWS-R4P receiver
Phoenix-10 speed controller
Python 30 brushless motor (because I had it on hand…I bet your hand-wound converted disk drive motors would work just as well)
7-6 Prop
700 ma Kokam LiPo battery
HS-50 servos

The plane handles the added weight of the motor, speed
controller and battery just fine. Thanks for a really
good design…I would highly recommend this model to anyone
with some flying experience who wants a hot little plane
that’s a real blast to fly!

Pete Favolise”

August 2004