The Naked Scientists

This is one of my favorite podcasts. If you visit the site, you’ll find a whole range of differents casts and RSS feeds for various science and engineering disaplines. These podcasts are actually live radio shows played on BBC Radio. They seem to be posted as podcasts a week or two after airing.

I sent them a question and they invited me on-air live to ask it. They phoned me from the UK this Sunday about 1pm est.. I listened to the show live on the phone for about 10 minutes until my spot came up. My question can be heard on the Christmas 2012 episode of The Naked Scientists.

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What was the question? Having seen images of galaxy’s taken though telescopes, they all seem to have a bright center that is a significant portion of the galaxy. Do some planets in the bright center bathe in perpetual light independent of that planets own sun rise/set cycle?

The answer? You’ll just have to listen as I did. 😉


The Value of Money

What is the value of money based on? Listen with care. This is a highlight of a series of 100 podcasts which I’ve been working my way through.

It begins: “There’s a famous moment in the play of “Peter Pan”, when he asks the audience to save Tinkerbell by joining him in believing in fairies……”

A History of the World in 100 Objects: 072 Ming Bank Note Podcast.

Series Title and link to home page with RSS feed; The History of the World in 100 Objects


Hear the Voice of Charles E. Tayor

Photo from United Aircraft Corporation film, property of United Technologies
One of my favorite podcasts is “The Naked Scientists” produced in the UK. The July 22, 2012 podcast just released is entirely about the history of aviation. Charlie Taylor built the early Wright engines including the first one to fly in 1903. He is honored as the worlds first Aviation Mechanic. Much of the podcast covers the development of engines for flight. Lots of cool information on jet engines. Early in the podcast a surpise; a short clip of Charles Tayor speaking.

Home website of “The Naked Scientists” with many excellent science and engineering podcasts.

Home of the Wright Experience where you can hear and see 85 year old Charlie Taylor.


The CrashCast

Check out “The Crash Cast”, a fun and informative RC podcast from the big ol’ state of Texas. I met Micheal “Crash” Hancock at 2011 SEFF. He’s a real RC junkie. His show shares a lot of good information. He is a scratch builder, home CNC expert and has a fondness for Multi Rotor aircraft. His complete support site for show topics can be found at: All Things Crash.