If I had it my way; The Jury of Common Sense

Oh, of course, I don’t have it my way nor will I in this lifetime. However, it does no harm to imagine how it would be in the words of a famous release from 1969 if I had it “my way.” Hear the song.

As we put criminal cases through a “Grand Jury” to allow citizens to decide if a case has enough merit to pursue criminal charges I think we should put all product liability and injury cases through a Jury of Common Sense. Our jury would be made up of citizens selected for jury duty. It’s purpose would be to decide if a case is worthwhile to trouble the courts and the accused with all the bother and expense of fighting out a case. The standard would be thus: If a the jury by “super majority (2/3) feels a citizen with a typical high school education would have naturally understood something, then you can’t sue for the injury or loss. Each party would get an equal presentation time. If it’s not compelling enough of a case to convince ordinary citizens in short period of time, it’s not worth burdening the tax payer or the defendant to pursue.

For example; Most of us would agree that we understand spilling fresh hot coffee in our lap might lead to a burn injury of some kind, then you can’t sue for it because you lack a basic understanding of temperature. It’s generally understood that it’s not safe to stand on the top rung of a step ladder, so you can’t sue for it because you were “extra stupid”. Likewise, if your too stupid to understand that you shouldn’t strike yourself with a hammer, the hammer should not require a label “just in case your a stupid ass”. Not should you be able to sue for smashing your thumb.

I’m in favor of removing the costs of these silly suits from everything we purchase and consume. It adds a big cost in insurance premiums as well as all the extra public servants living on our tax dollars that are required to deal with these nonsensical nitwits. Anything that reduces the tax burden on citizens needs to be seriously considered. Additionally, these newly available persons, besides being off the public salary might actually gain employment in the private sector where they are contributing to the production of products and services we all want.

That’s all I have to say about that,
Dave Thacker