Keith Shaws Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer Part 7 Video !!

Keith writes:
“”Hi Dave,
Flew the Wright at a e-fly this last weekend. Saturday was beautiful, cool and calm. One of my friends took these shots of the Wright, thought you might like to see them. Also Dave Grife took a couple of short videos. Sunday was much windier and quite gusty (about 10 mph, gust over 15 mph). The Wright handled it fine with the modifications to the wing warping pushrods and the rudder pivot shaft.


First two minutes is Wright””

Note: Keith has constructed a take off dolly. As he takes of the model turns directly into the wind and leaves the dolly. I have no close up shots of the dolly. It’s a simple square board with two wheels up front, tail wheel on stinger and two pegs that catch a front cross member. Soon as the model lifts, it clears the cross member and leaves the dolly behind. The rear wheel is a smaller tail wheel type mounted to caster freely.

See the kit HERE.

Same flight from another perspective. Better shot of the dolly shape and how it works.


Steven Cushing Photo’s of 1905 Wright Flyer In Action

Steve Cushing Low and Slow Wright 1905 Fly-by.

Steve’s built a beautiful 1905. He has added some scale detail including flying wires and pilot.

Low Pass – Easy Climb Out

We can clearly see a pilot capable of flying this model right in it’s sweetest spot, low and slow.

Pilot Acknowledges Photographer

“Hi Dave,

I was at our local field last week, and one of the guys took 60 some jpg’s of the Flyer. Some turned out excellent…! I did a low and slow fly by (didn’t think it was quite that low!) and he caught the whole sequence. I also really like the turn down wind… Use any that you might like.


Outbound to setup for another pass.

Thanks for providing the great photography Steve.

Entering the plyon turn at Reims, France, August 1909.