First Manned Multicopter Takes Flight!

Check it out, see if you can figure out the controller logic to make this safe as possible. A step beyon fly-by-wire for certain. Maybe with some aluminum, rivits and 4 quad boards you too could be seated above a blender. 😉



Quad Copter Designers Kit Gets 4 Massive Motors – 1.6kw

Photo by Mark Harrison / Motor Mounted

Mark Harrison in San Francisco East Bay posts up a build log and test flights of the Quad Copter Designers Kit.  Project is dubbed Arcticopter II.   Check it out. 
Thanks for the feedback Mark!


Stinger Quad Copter Test Flying Today

Did a flight test on the soon to be released Stinger Quad Copter.  However, I failed to properly secure a set screw, losing a motor on a Quad copter is a problem.   After airing it off (landed in a puddle) I’ll wait for it to dry completly and remount the motor.  More flying Wednesday.