Micro Stick Fleet Tryout

Gil Weiss from southeast PA sends a beautiful photo of his Micro Stick. Just test flown. Looks Great Gil!

Gil Weiss Micro Stick from South East PA.

Hi Dave,

Several years ago I built a Micro Stick. The kit went together very nicely. The little plane sat on a shelf until today. I enjoyed the last nice day of calm warm weather here in SE PA and test flew the plane. It was a real Hoot! Flew great and had an unbelievable roll rate. Landed fine. Other than add some more “expo”, no changes were required. I will keep this plane in my active fleet from here on out.

Regards, Gil Weiss


Radical RC Service

I am relatively new to RC Flying and want to commend Radical RC on a truly great site, company, etc. that offers great products at good prices with GREAT service. In addition, a few times I called Radical to discuss and ask about specific items and your people were totally helpful and knowledgeable.

Keep up the good work. I recommend Radical RC to all my flying buddies.

Roy Reiner, Florida


James May, A Toys Story, Touches on Power Systems

My favorite BBC presenter is James May of Top Gear fame. He has several series if you wish to look them up. In this episode they race the Germans over a 10 mile course between two cities that at one time were connected with rail service. Lots of interesting contraptions, RC, Glow Engines, Lipo’s, the logic of how they powered the rails and etc… An interesting show touching on many topics any modeler would appreciate.


I recently purchased the Verti-Go 125 kit and I have got to say that is the best kit that I have ever built. The ease and speed of putting the kit together is amazing. I had the entire kit framed up before I ever pulled my glue out.I just wanted to say ” Job Well Done “. I built the plane over a couple of days all together in between being on call as a tow truck driver.

Kerry, Island Lake, IL


Worlds First Electric Heli Kit

The following photo and description is from Frank Beafore of Select Tech GeoSpatial. Frank has become a modeling enthusiast and UAV manufacturer as well. It appears to be an example of the first ever electric powered RC helicopter that was manufactured for general sale to the public. It’s an interesting unit. If you know more about it or the history of hobbiest early electric helicopters, please stick in a comment.

First Electric Heli
First Electric Heli


Attached is a photo of the first electric RC helicopter offered to model builders back in 1981. It was manufactured by Ishimasa Co, LTD, Tokyo. It used NiCad batteries with less than a 2 min. flight time. To train on it, you needed a 25 foot umbilical to supply current to keep it going. The tail rotor was coupled to the main drive via a fragile rubber belt that broke in mid flight. I do not think that it was 3-D capable.

I was lucky to get all the spare parts and the original instructions.

Cheers – FB

Below is a link to a website dedicated to Vintage RC Helicopters with lot’s of photo’s of this kit.

Vintage Radio Control Helicopter: VHRC Website


Whew, could you make the barnfind below a flyer???

Holly Dust-mites Batman!


Running out of fuel…..

wayne reece
Wayne as a young man
While on a recent trip to visit with friends in Flint Michigan, I had some time to listen to the radio. I discovered a facinating story telling show on PBS.

The show is called “The Moth”, the website where you can download many of these stories is www.themonth.com.

The moving short story I heard was told by Wayne Reece from episode 1207. To hear the story, follow the link to Wayne Reece / The Moth) where you’ll find a clickable player.

Radio Moth Hour Podcast Site
The Moth Homepage & Blog Site


Dayton Hamvention 2012 May 18-20

Hamvention Aerial View
Hamvention Aerial View

Yes, everything you see in the lot is a vendor booth with the exception of the left most triangle. The entire building is full. Several RC vendors with cross-over products attend this event.

Audio Commercial for Hamvention

Hamvention Home Page

I had a ball here one year ago. Not exactly modeling, however, it’s a tinker’s delight. You need to attend this event once in your lifetime. Lots of radio, computer, antenna and misc here. You can see it in one day if you keep those feet moving fast all day.


W.O.R.K.S. (Western Ohio Radio Kontrol Society)


Location: Works is located south of Dayton in the country outside Carlisle.  

Website: http://www.worksrc.net/

Contact Email: secretary@worksrc.net

GPS Geeks: Latitude N 39 35.587, Longitude W -84 20.508

Address: 10491 Carlisle Pike, Germantown, Ohio 45327

AMA Club Charter: #524 Formed: Oct/1958 History: Works History

Club Dues: $100 (Junior 25) Average Membership: ??? Memebership Limit?: No

Flying Hours: 10AM thru 9PM.  This site is on a full scale grass strip. Although full scale visitors are rare, right away must be given. 

Guest Flying:I have flown at the field as a guest during events in the past.  I am sure they would welcome any vistors if you want to check out the field.

Map from US Airforce Museum to WORKS: 
View Larger Map
What you’ll find: This is an outstanding grass strip with plenty of flying room and depth.  I was immeadiately comfortable flying there.  There is a shelter with picnic tables, safety fence and worktables near the flightline.  FThe club extends and open invitation to Old Timer flying every Thursday. 

Satelite Image with PILOTS and MODELS

View Larger Map
Special Notes From Dave: It’s always “Gentlemanly” to observe the AMA Safety Code as a baseline at any new field until all local rules, etiquette and customs are learned. Be aware some fields have routine full scale air traffic nearby, others very little or none. It takes time to become aware of all the special concerns and routines at any new flying field.