American’s Live by Force or Persuasion?

Rand Paul explains Liberty to one of Liberty Objectors, Mrs. Hogan.

Step by step they we are crushed under the forceful heal of “do gooders”. I believe in voluntary exchange and Liberty. Perhaps we as taxpayers could save money and be better served by eliminating this Objector to Liberty? We win twice when we take one of these people and prevent them from being a net tax consumer and “allow” them to become a net tax payer.

Can we get our noses out of other peoples business? I wonder what it costs us to have this person butting into everybody’s life. Realize she does it at OUR request and at OUR expense. Tired of paying for your own whipping yet?


Core Values of Freedom

Let me recommend a documentary; Ayn Rand and the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged

My wife and I recently watched it on Netflix using our Roku. This is a modern documentary covering a powerful philosophy. Learn what the “Right to the pursuit of happiness” really means. Here is the trailer:

I would classify this documentary high on my list of must watch films. You’ll find enlightening coverage of why we are in the financial crisis we are in and why we’re going where we’re headed. Our system trains us to forget, this will help you to remember and perhaps avoid an unpleasant future. Perhaps you’ve heard of Atlas Shrugged or Ayn Rand and wish to know a little more about it. The documentary is a quick cliff notes version of here philosophy. I would definitely recommend taking in this film, it will help you understand the recent movie Atlas Shrugged better to have this foundation. Look it up and Enjoy!