Shale We Allow Our Property Rights to Evaporate?

It’s by slow increments we give away our Liberty. Next time you are thinking of voting in a little more power, a transfer of money to those voting against you, a new tax, more zoning, more inspections etc. Next time you are considering voting in any more authority for government, smack yourself awake. Our very right of private property is under attack. And, it’s under attack by us. The perceived benefits of more regulation is always much greater than reality. Don’t get sucked into this ideology, an ideology of force that says others know better than you whats best for you. When you vote others more power over you, in effect you are enslaving yourself to their ideas ahead of your own. It’s a symptom of collectivism where we are each enslaved to each other. What happened to the American individualist? The respect of Liberty?

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Video 1:
John Stossel The End of Private Property

I think he should go ahead with the pigs & Paint the house pink. Objectors to Liberty need to be stood up to. We need to give them what they deserve. Yes, I said deserve.

Video 2:


No Guns For Negroes

I hesitated to watch this documentary because of the title. I am relieved however to inform you that it’s not a racist film but rather a film about how gun control is linked to the history of racism in this country. Having recently found a treasure trove of excellent documentary films by , I offer another excellent one for you to consider.


Don’t Mess Around With Old Men

These two stupid perps pick the wrong cafe. 71 year old Samuel Williams, resident of the free state of Florida and permit holding gun owner takes care of business. I’m thinking those .380 rounds probably stung a little bit. There is an assumed risk when you go around robbing people. Not everyone is a good sheeple that just lays back and takes it. Lays back waiting for others to provide their defense. Once in a while, you find a Samuel Williams. Watch as these cowardly perps make tracks for less prickly pastures. Maybe this little shot of reality will have a targeted impact on their future decisions. Don’t mess with armed citizens if you want to avoid being down range.

I am without doubt, reservation or apology: 100% for your right of self defense. Never let anybody get away with questioning your full citizenship and full right to self defense. Anybody that wants you to be weak and defenseless probably has some very good selfish reasons. Don’t bend to that nonsense no matter what kind of language or “greater good” wacko-ism nonsense they try to spew at you. Be strong, proud of your citizenship, freedoms and rights of self defense!

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