Tentative Agreement Reached To Appease.

Widely reported, for the first time since the tragedy in Newtown where a madman was allowed free reign in a public school to kill all he wanted, a new gun control law is on the horizon.

See story below:
Bipartisan Gun Control Agreement Announced On Background Checks Huffington Post

While the “Gun Show Loophole” continues to be tossed around. Notice the news never explains that all commercial sales at gun shows already are put through a NICS check. The only sales that are not put through the background check are those between private individuals. Yet, the “loophole” term is tossed around in a way to convince people that you can go to a gun show and buy whatever you want from whomever you want without a background check. It’s a lie, a deception. The only sales of firearms without a background check are those between private individuals. If you trade with a neighbor or co-worker, there is no background check. Like wise, if you go to a gun show and rent a table (they are swap meets) to sell your unwanted items, you are allowed to sell your private property, including a firearm without putting your buyer through a background check. It’s a private sale, your not a gun store, your not under the same restrictions as a gun store. According to reports, the new law still allows sale between private individuals without a background check. So, what have they done?

The problem is laws hindering Liberty, making some citizens 2nd class (not completely free) like teachers and school administrators for example. The problem is your and my public property being made a preferential treatment zone for criminals and non-free Liberty Objecting zone for law abiding citizens. The predator goes to the easy prey, where the prey is weak and neutered by Liberty’s Objectors of any defense. As fantasized, he has his way with the prey, prey the church of “safety through weakness” created. Created by Liberty’s Objectors. I lay at the feet of these church zealots not the madman’s act, rather that he is allowed his force to kill so many without forceful objection. May we in our time, rather than lamenting the deaths of many at the hands of madmen, come to trust teachers and administrators with full citizenship. We should be celebrating the hero Principle leaving madmen like Lanza in a pool of his own blood. Of course, it wouldn’t serve the purpose of disarming America, so more will die and the cycle of ignorance, the cycle of hindering Liberty as part of an evil advance against Freedom continues. There is no objective morality in using force of the state to prevent a free citizen from using deadly force to protect themselves and those they love against deadly force. By addressing a problem created by Objectors to Liberty in a way that does not remove Liberty’s hindrance, we do nothing. Cowards and Conspirators with Madmen win.

We deserve a more objective reasoned governance in this country. What are you willing to do about it?


President to Use Children as Backdrop to Gun Control

Posted in my Facebook feed in response to using children from Sandy Hook to legitimize extra constitutional executive order anouncements today.

“Are we to be surprised? A prefix image to warm our hearts to action without results. Smaller magazines wouldn’t have had any impact at all on Sandy Hook. How long did the madman Lanza lay on the floor dead before anybody entered the room to see him dead? If he had to use a 6 round magazine, he could have merely changed it 4 times and accomplished the same result. 4-12 seconds. Are we to suppose this is effective change? This has nothing to do with children and everything to do with striking a blow against Liberty, against the Liberty of teachers and administrators to be free full citizens, armed if they choose. It’s about the reduction of choice, the reduction of Liberty, the preservation of criminal preference, the sacred “gun free zone” at any cost, even the cost of more children’s lives. How many more people must die while we placate this insane philosophy? It is pure madness to suppose that defenseless peoples are more safe. While I respect ones individual right to choose, it is pure evil to impose defenselessness upon another. In our day to day activities, it’s important to never allow this immoral position to assume the high moral ground. Do not stand for it. A working definition of religion is devotion and adherence to an ideal regardless of any evidence or lack thereof. So defined, we are clearly dealing with religious zealots. Do not allow them to force upon you their doctrine. There is no defense for opposing a teacher or any other citizen stopping the madman Lanza in a pool of his own blood. And I assert these opponents to Liberty are defending the capability of future madmen like Lanza to do exactly as they please. If the status quo cannot be maintained, then future incidents requiring immediate government action will be fewer.

We must not forget Rom Emanuel (D) confession of strategy:

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


Introducing Walter E. Williams

Walter Williams in not what you’d expect. A boy from the projects that has become one of the greatest living minds regarding to liberty and economic freedom and economic improvement. He’s been fighting for freedom as an economist for decades. He exhibits real strength of character by promoting the values he believes in even against the winds what is popular. He continues as a rare and precious gift to students at a George Mason as a professor. If you don’t recognize the name, I am betting you’ll recognize his voice from radio.


Too Stupid to be Entrusted With Children

In our society there is a certain segment of brain damaged individuals who think they need to exert command and control over everything. Apparently there are 49 states that won’t even allow a child to bring or apply sunscreen at school without a doctors note. There is no excuse for this insanity. I think perhaps our money would be better spent building jail cells for those that think they “should” be able to control others in this way. The science of sunburn is well established. What you do to protect yourself is not dangerous nor does it involve any precription or abuse prone substances. Being upset about something isn’t enough. We need to push this variety of thoughtless individual out of decision making positions and care of America’s children. Individuals that think we need to treat basic skin care and hygene products like dangerous drugs shouldn’t be in charge of anything. Accept no excuses.

Listen to chief excuse maker Don Voelpel Director, Public Information (Contact: 253.571.1015) of the Tacoma School District below, he’ll explain why their rules trump federal recommendations, doctors and your own care decisions for your children.

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And local Channel 9 WCPO Tacoma Washington:

ABC news in a report titled “School Sunscreen Ban Leaves Student Severely Sunburned” awkwardly cuts these criminals some slack by stating “Sunscreens are regulated by the FDA as an over the counter drug.” What is totally pathetic about this nonsense is the FDA also regulate bananas, tacos and Band-Aids. Sunscreen, bananas tacos and Band-Aid’s are all items your child of any age can freely purchase and use. We’ve decided as a society that these are harmless over the counter items that do not need a prescription. Yet in our public schools wacko alarmists have seen fit to neuter your child’s ability to protect his own skin and health from even the most simple of environmental threats requiring a doctors note (prescription). All those involved in enforcing these hurtful pseudo “good for us” laws and rules in any way – Shame on you!

WIVB News Report about doctors note requirement:

This is my year of “Do Something About It”.

Here is the contact information for the perps in this story:
Don Voelpel Director, Public Information Published Phone Number 253.571.1015

Tacoma Public Schools K-12
Central Administration Building
P.O. Box 1357
Tacoma, WA 98401-1357
Email Superintendent Arthur O. Jarvis, Ed.D., ajarvis@tacoma.k12.wa.us
Email Superintendent-Elect (Interim) Carla Santorno, csantor@tacoma.k12.wa.us

Point Defiance Elementary School
4330 N. Visscher St.
Tacoma, WA 98407
253.571.6900 (Phone)
253.571.6922 (Fax)
Principal: Olga Lay

Contact Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire
Tacoma Washington City Counsel

Abused children: Violet 11, Zoe 9. Mother Jesse Michener
Jessie Mitchners Blog
Email Mayor Marilyn Strickland: Marilyn.Strickland@cityoftacoma.org
Email Tacoma deputy Mayor Joe Lonergan: Joe.Lonergan@cityoftacoma.org

My name is Dave Thacker, and I’m doing something about it.