Micro Stick Fleet Tryout

Gil Weiss from southeast PA sends a beautiful photo of his Micro Stick. Just test flown. Looks Great Gil!

Gil Weiss Micro Stick from South East PA.

Hi Dave,

Several years ago I built a Micro Stick. The kit went together very nicely. The little plane sat on a shelf until today. I enjoyed the last nice day of calm warm weather here in SE PA and test flew the plane. It was a real Hoot! Flew great and had an unbelievable roll rate. Landed fine. Other than add some more “expo”, no changes were required. I will keep this plane in my active fleet from here on out.

Regards, Gil Weiss


Slow Stick Bipe Photo’s – Kern Hanson

Check out Kern Hanson’s Slow Stick Bipe creation. I can see parts from various models and he altered the wing mount system to hold the motor a bit higher than the stock setup would have been. The whole point with Slow Stick mods is to do it your way. Great Job Kern!

Kern Hansen's Slow Stick Bipe in Blue
Kern Hanson’s Slow Stick Bipe in Blue

Dave here’s a few pictures of a Slow Stick Bi-Plane I built using a couple of your SS hop up parts. It’s very stable and fly’s nice and slow 🙂

Thanks !!
Kern Hanson

Notice those top wing Ailerons?
Notice those top wing Ailerons?

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I received my order (31114) including the correction from my last order. I’m out here in western Oregon and received it today Saturday Feb 25. That is more than fantastic service.

I’ve been doing a little business with you over the last couple of years. Our local hobby shop burned down last fall and they have decided not to reopen. The next nearest one is 75 miles away, so I am looking to do more on line ordering. Radical RC will be a large part of that.

Also, I wanted to comment on the Stick 400 kit that I bought. This has to be the best design and execution of a kit I have ever seen. If it flys half as well as it builds it’s going to be a blast.

Thanks again!
Terry Thomas

Feb 2012


Another Wright Stick Takes To The Skies

Jack Sheller writes:  Finally got her going.  CG just where you said.  Flys great. Built a sled for takeoff.

Jack reports on paint used:  Just cheap Ace Hardware “Touch ‘n tone” Antique white, # 55281830. I took a piece of canvas with me ant that matched the best.

Nice Job Jack!


John Purtee’s Twin Speed 300 Stick

Example of how a well planned power system works. Model hanging in shop. Can’t wait to fly it again. John builds nice stuff. All of them light and strong. Many hand built models by John are listed on our front page as of the date of this post.


Hi Dave, (in reference to the Micro and Mini Stick kits)
………I love the kits, perfect parts fit!

H. Fenn
Barnwell, SC”

November 2004