James May, A Toys Story, Touches on Power Systems

My favorite BBC presenter is James May of Top Gear fame. He has several series if you wish to look them up. In this episode they race the Germans over a 10 mile course between two cities that at one time were connected with rail service. Lots of interesting contraptions, RC, Glow Engines, Lipo’s, the logic of how they powered the rails and etc… An interesting show touching on many topics any modeler would appreciate.


Running out of fuel…..

wayne reece
Wayne as a young man
While on a recent trip to visit with friends in Flint Michigan, I had some time to listen to the radio. I discovered a facinating story telling show on PBS.

The show is called “The Moth”, the website where you can download many of these stories is www.themonth.com.

The moving short story I heard was told by Wayne Reece from episode 1207. To hear the story, follow the link to Wayne Reece / The Moth) where you’ll find a clickable player.

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