I Flinched at NEFI

I was looking forward to flying at NEFI this year. We arrived fashionably late Friday around noon only to hear about the storms earlier in the day. After getting our 20 x 30 canopy setup, our goods wheeled in and only just starting to set them up so we could be open on Saturday and Sunday. A huge thunderstorm set in, lasted about 20 minutes it seemed. Both John and I were leaning into one of our end canopy walls trying to keep the wind from busting it inward. It nearly knocked us both over several times. Scarey stuff. Both of us soaked to the bone from head to toe. I’ve a bunch of kits and other product that needs repackaging now. Looking at the forecast for the evening, it looked as if there was some risk of another thunderstorm. I strongly contemplated loading up and leaving right then. After spending 2 or 3 hours drying everything out, we decided to stack it tightly in the center and cover it well, we’ll setup in the morning. Well about 3am we are awakened to a rocking camper. Goods all dry this time. But an even more frightening 20 minute toss trying to keep the tent together and not lose everything. The whole time I’m thinking, “had my chance to leave…”. This late night storm was a good 20mph stronger than the earlier one. Torn sidewalls, bent poles in the tent, I had the strong feeling the good lord has just sent my second boat. I decided to bug out before the 3rd boat came. I mean, how many warnings are required? Morning Radar showed lots of storms with red in them headed that way still in western Indiana and Illinois. My decision was made. By the time we were packed up, the lot was full of cars and sky was mostly blue. Not sure what happened if anything after we left. The storms took all the will to fly and wind right out of my sails.

NEFI is a great event run by a good bunch of people and the venue is perfect. I hate not being part of the event this year. Hope to make it up next year. NEFI is growing and we are looking forward to it being even bigger (and less stormy) next year.

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