Re: (3800RX packs)
“Hi Dave this is Bruce Swartfager I flew my 35% staudacher yesterday with the 3800 metal pack and it flew great no trim adjustments just couldn’t have done any better. It has Brison 6.4 twin up front and did it sing I am excited as you can tell. I figured up how many oz. of torque i am running and it comes in at 1250 oz. That is a lot and so the question of metal packs not providing enough amps is a myth. I have 612 oz. alone on the wings of torque. Just thought i would pass this on thanks Bruce will looking forward to the Orbit charger. Later Bruce, Altoona Iowa
(Most are flying the 2700 in this application but the 3800 works great too where you want a little extra capacity or nose weight).”

August 2001