Avoid Becoming Easy Prey To Debate Tricks

I’ve often heard it argued a gun of one type or another (or perhaps all of them) shouldn’t be allowed becasue “somebody might steal it and do evil or commit crimes…”

Out rights are not situational or based on the actions of others. Objectors to Liberty use all kinds of “what if” arguments and scenarios to try to undermine the legitimacy (or self evidence of) our freedoms. Roughly 4x as many people are killed by cars than guns in the USA. However, it’s silly to suggest there is or should be any suggestion of reducing our right to own and use a car “because it might get stolen and used for evil.” Likewise, the existence of “evil doers” has no effect on my right to own a towel, screwdriver, gun or a puppy. Wouldn’t we all agree that “Anything may be used for evil.”? If you fall prey to: “You can’t own something because it might get stolen and used for evil”, it is the same as accepting the non-existence of the right to own property or non-existence of the right of self defense. These are among other collectivist goals. While it might be appropriate to bar certain property from a child or a slave (so he does not kill you as you deserve), but not from free emancipated adults simply because “it might get stolen….”. I would argue that accepting limitations from government (or any persons who would use force to impose their values on you) based on the premise “It might be stolen and used for evil” is completely opposed to the concepts of Liberty and I would insist, not a privilege provided to government or your neighbors in our constitution. Before the objectors to Liberty come pouring out of the woodwork (or the so-called newsroom) to assume (or pretend) I am arguing for the right to own a nuclear bomb, grenades, plastic explosives or nerve gas, those are not legal and not protected by the Constitution.

Whenever you hear somebody asserting these kinds of silly arguments, realize they cannot think of a solid argument against your Pro-Liberty position. They must insist that you want nuclear bombs and grenades and such or similarly machine guns on every corner. By redefining your position to a ridiculous one they can now argue with great emotion how you are obviously ridiculous.

When you watch subjects debated on TV, notice how often such tactics are employed. It would be laughable if it were not so sad how many people are entranced by such methods.