I have ordered several times from your company…exceptional service…thankx

C. Bryan


I recently purchased the Verti-Go 125 kit and I have got to say that is the best kit that I have ever built. The ease and speed of putting the kit together is amazing. I had the entire kit framed up before I ever pulled my glue out.I just wanted to say ” Job Well Done “. I built the plane over a couple of days all together in between being on call as a tow truck driver.

Kerry, Island Lake, IL


Hi Dave
Hope u are having a good weekend. I called your store Sat. morning with a question
about charging.
Thanks for the help and for taking your time to help me. Service of anykind is rare these
Days. I am & will be a repeat customer and will recomend to my friends.

Thanks again,
Tony W. (doorgunner) 1st Air Cav.BenWa


Excellent Use of Z Rack N Stack

Dave Baer Writes:

Hey Dave,

Thanks again for your great customer service I really appreciate it. Take a look at how I used your hangers to get a bunch of planes in a spot that wasn’t being used at all. Thanks for designing such a great product!

Feel free to share with others.


Z-Rack-N-Stack Over Stairway; Dave Baer
Z-Rack-N-Stack Over Stairway; Dave Baer

This is a photo of the finished setup hanging in un-used space over a stairwell. View from 2nd floor, the models are over the treads at the bottom of the stairway. what is the rope thingie in that photo?

Puly and Cleat Setup
Puly and Cleat Setup

Fastened to the header above the second floor stairwell entrance is a pulley and 2 common rope cleats. A simple way to raise and lower his fleet!

Lowered Fleet , Pick Me!.... Pick Me!....
Lowered Fleet , Pick Me!…. Pick Me!….

Here is a shot of the rack lowered to the first floor, ready to for another mission into enemy territory!

Thanks Dave for the photo’s of your setup. 7 Planes all stored in unused space and wherever they were is free’d up. Perfect.

Find the parts to build this project here at: Radical RC


Thanks for your continuing effort to supply high quality products at reasonable prices and low shipping costs. I just placed an order for some CF tube and rod. I had the wing joiner break on an 18 year old trainer and would like
your opinion smoothing off the end of the broken joiner then drilling an 8 mm hole in each wing and finally using the 7.5 mm would CF rod I just ordered will be strong enough or should I drill and use two 7.5 mm rods. I will be using urethane glue so it will expand and fill the gaps.

Also I have several 72 mhz JR receiver crystals, I know you used to have an crystal exchange service and would like to send them to you. I am now 2.4 ghz on all my planes.

Thanks again for the great product selection and service.

Bill Cover


Well I never have sent an email to say something good about anyone. But your shop is the BEST so far as I’ve seen. Damn you sent the stuff so quick it might interfere with my alcohol consumption this weekend. Shipping rates are great, prices are too and you seem like good people.

PS. I never got the winning powerball numbers I was hoping for………LOL Feel free to use this email as you wish.

From Massholechusetts, another Liberal loving state,
John Baron


Iowa City AeroHawks Nice Remarks

Good Morning Dave: Attached please find a flyer advertising our 10th annual swap meet scheduled for January 20th 2013. You participated in one of our first swap meets several years ago and gave us some very valuable suggestions which we took to heart. We have grown our event each year and last year moved to a new venue to accommodate the need for additional parking. We have grown this event to be the largest in the state with people in attendance from 7 states last year. We had 694 paid general admissions plus 125 tables rented and already have people reserving tables at a record rate for 2013. Over the last 3-4 years we have also seen a strong increase in the interest of electrics and the demand for these types of products at our meet. We are trying to scratch where it itches so we are trying to have more of these types of new products offered. We would love to have Radical RC be part of our event if at all possible. Please see the attached and let me know if you would like to attend. I think it would very much be worth the trip. Regards, Rich VeDepo Iowa City Aerohawks Event Coordinator

Iowa City Aerohawks

Iowa City Aerohawks 10th Annual Swap Meet & Auction


Hello Mr Dave Thacker,

I’ll try to keep it short. Your website is the best I have ever visited. !! Every time I visit it’s like going to an RC school I always dreamed about for free. All the basic important info. Also it seems everything possibly needed in RC aircraft is here expertly laid out also to mention the excellent customer service, no need anymore to look for other sites as complete and informative as yours. I catch myself absorbing info for hours which seems like minutes. For me, its easy to see this site is built, maintained and operated with pride, thinking of the customer first. Prices I feel are also outstanding (extremely reasonable). Again, thanks for the best RC aircraft website on the net. I will soon visit again with another purchase. I have some WWII pictures from my late Pops photo album, Fighter pilot-P-47, test pilot, over 2500 hrs combat, 43000 total, Africa and all of Europe. Many pics. Never published. I’ll send a few in a later E-mail. Of course that’s how most of us ( I ) got started. Thanks again.

L. Stolte, New Jersy

August 2012


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I received my order (31114) including the correction from my last order. I’m out here in western Oregon and received it today Saturday Feb 25. That is more than fantastic service.

I’ve been doing a little business with you over the last couple of years. Our local hobby shop burned down last fall and they have decided not to reopen. The next nearest one is 75 miles away, so I am looking to do more on line ordering. Radical RC will be a large part of that.

Also, I wanted to comment on the Stick 400 kit that I bought. This has to be the best design and execution of a kit I have ever seen. If it flys half as well as it builds it’s going to be a blast.

Thanks again!
Terry Thomas

Feb 2012


Subject: Thanks for wonderful buying experience yesterday @ Radical RC

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful buying experience yesterday. I got disconnected while purchasing some batteries and someone from your company called me back. Not too many places will do that these days.

So I left a link to your website in rcgroups.com about the batteries I purchased from you and it should help increase your Google search rankings so people can find you better on the internet.

I am an Ohio transplant living in California now and do Google SEO (search engine optimization) for a living, so thanks for the wonderful service and I hope my little contribution will help your business grow, especially in this economy.


March 2009