Iowa City AeroHawks Nice Remarks

Good Morning Dave: Attached please find a flyer advertising our 10th annual swap meet scheduled for January 20th 2013. You participated in one of our first swap meets several years ago and gave us some very valuable suggestions which we took to heart. We have grown our event each year and last year moved to a new venue to accommodate the need for additional parking. We have grown this event to be the largest in the state with people in attendance from 7 states last year. We had 694 paid general admissions plus 125 tables rented and already have people reserving tables at a record rate for 2013. Over the last 3-4 years we have also seen a strong increase in the interest of electrics and the demand for these types of products at our meet. We are trying to scratch where it itches so we are trying to have more of these types of new products offered. We would love to have Radical RC be part of our event if at all possible. Please see the attached and let me know if you would like to attend. I think it would very much be worth the trip. Regards, Rich VeDepo Iowa City Aerohawks Event Coordinator

Iowa City Aerohawks

Iowa City Aerohawks 10th Annual Swap Meet & Auction