Keith Shaw’s Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer Part 4

Rudder Details
Rudder Details

Tail and bottom details. Rudder casing sewed to boom with thread. Z-bend at servo end, I am going to permanently glue the aileron cable in place this winter and get rid to the extension plug bump. Also will get rid of all ty-wraps as soon as i am happy with the thrust line and CG position. Will just sew the wiring to the structure with some lacing chord I have. Not having the head on made the wiring and tail installation a breeze.


Hidden Electronis
Hidden Electronics

Keith, I’ve noticed a very soft rudder flutter at certain speeds. It’s so slight that I can only see it when conditions are just perfect and in certain positions where I can catch the light glinting off the side of a rudder. It’s so soft as not to be alarming as flutter would normally be. I haven’t been able to determine if it’s from a source of slop in the push rod and connections. It could be related to the unsupported nature of the struts in that they have a little springy play side to side and perhaps some harmonic gets set up?