Ken Stuhr’ Newest Scale Creation: Farman Jabiru

Ken reports some of our electronics are in his new Farman Jabiru. Check it out.

Ken Sturh's Farman Jabiru

Well, maybe. Certainly unique. All great photos by Gary Ritchie of Puget Sound Silent Flyers!!

I chose to model the beautiful version, as opposed to Tim Hooper’s Cyclops version Mine used 4 engines in push-pull nacelles.

Model details:
Span: 63 ins
Wt: 90 ozs
Area: 7 sq ft
W/S: ~13 ozs/sq ft
Motors: 4 x Feigao 1308441S w/2.8:1 gbx (don’t think these are available anymore)
Battery: 2 x TP 3S2100
Props: Front 8×4, Rear 8×6

Construction: Wing is balsa built up, spruce spars, functional struts, Ultracote covering
Tails are 1/4 in square balsa frames with Ultracote covering
Body has 1/4 in square balsa frame, covered with 6mm Depron, glassed with 2 layers 1/2 oz cloth, with areas of foam/glass between balsa frame members cut and removed aft of the wing
Finish: Humbrol enamel overall, decal film cut to alphabet and windows needed.
Pilot: Cedric from Pete’s Pilots. Seems happy with the job.

Flying: Perfectly powered for scale flying. Needs a long takeoff run. Also needs to use rudder! Not too sensitive to thrust differences–maiden flight, left rear prop fell off, flight continued as I was unaware of this until after landing. I had noticed it was a little harder to turn right, but there was OK power to climb…..
This is just my latest attempt to approach the build/fly genius known as Ivan Pettigrew, and is the closest I’ve yet come. 20-30 more years of stick time might get me there.