Quick Quiz, win a free Radical RC Kit

Ok, here is the deal, I have a question. The first correct answer wins choice;; a free RadicalRC Micro Stick or Wicked Wing.

Trivia Question:

One of America’s most famous tours was shown to have originated from Alamitos Bay, California. Name it.

Post your answer, city, country and your kit choice as a reply.

If you don’t know the answer, help me get it solved. Please post a link to this question in your favorite model aircraft forum.

Winner is the first person to successfully identify what I am thinking of in a reply to this post. Contest remains open until first correct answer is posted or I get tired of checking back to see if it’s answered. Shipping is valid to any location in the world that first class airmail serves and it’s legal to send it. Sorry, I can’t ship to the moon for which I am afraid there remains no registered post office. Dave….