Micro Stick Fleet Tryout

Gil Weiss from southeast PA sends a beautiful photo of his Micro Stick. Just test flown. Looks Great Gil!

Gil Weiss Micro Stick from South East PA.

Hi Dave,

Several years ago I built a Micro Stick. The kit went together very nicely. The little plane sat on a shelf until today. I enjoyed the last nice day of calm warm weather here in SE PA and test flew the plane. It was a real Hoot! Flew great and had an unbelievable roll rate. Landed fine. Other than add some more “expo”, no changes were required. I will keep this plane in my active fleet from here on out.

Regards, Gil Weiss


Balsa Kitchen? Killer RV Upgrades

Who hasn’t at one time or another considered converting a bus or some other service vehicle to an RV. You might enjoy The Travel Channels show Killer RV Upgrades. Find a Grumman Albatros converted to an RV complete with a balsa kitchen. (Chrome users may have to reload this page to view video player.)


Another Bill Becker Masterpiece!

Bill Becker's Miss Tiny
Bill Becker's Miss Tiny

Miss Tiny, Built from plans of a 1940’s Modelcraft kit. The original (built by Paul Kugler) is in the Smithsonian. The model is covered in Japanese tissue aquired from Shorty’s Basement. Bill reports the tissue from Shortys is absolutely the best, even going over compound curves nicely. The wheels look like Trexlers but are actually made from balsa. Check out the little fill tubes made from a section of black wire insulation. Powered by a GWS IPS drive system. They’ve been out of stock lately so he built the motor system from broken bits in the spares box. Originally a 46″ x 6″ cord free flight model designed for a Ohlsson “23”, Phantom or Trojan.  Reduced to 36″ for the drive system.

Bill Becker's Miss Tiny
Bill Becker's Miss Tiny

The plans where hard to find, paid dearly, a friend of a friend had them. Had to meet them in London Ohio, piched in $20 for fuel, bought the man a huge $15 breakfast at Bob Evans, reduced them at Kinko’s, ($5) and returned the original. Model is 3 channels, IPS-A drive with 8-6 prop. It’s probably only pulling 10 watts with that small prop! Flys on a 2S Kypom 450, Berg 4L RX. Flying weight is 7.4 ounces. Airfoil is slightly undercambered. Model was framed up with electronics installed in about 15 hours. About 2.5 hours to cover. Bill says CA lets him really move fast. Although Bill seldom builds models larger than this, he likes how this model flys so well he’s planning on building the full size version.

Bill Becker's Miss Tiny
Builders are Happy people!

Bill got inspired after seeing a picture in a book book about models in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum he purchased for only $2. The museum model was Yellow with black trim. All the wood, electronics came from Radical RC. Built by Bill Becker of the Springfield Model Airplane club. This guy knows how to glue two sticks together!

Book, On Miniature Wings: Smithsonian Book Store


Mini Intern 2012 Kit-Build-Along Project Complete

Michael Hancock, host of The Crash Cast has finished a complete build video thread for the Radical RC Mini Intern . First video is embeded below. Below video, find link for the entire build thread catelog.

Find the entire list of video’s Here: All Things Crash. This is the website where you’ll find any files, video’s and etc related to the activities of the The Crash Cast podcast.

I would like to thank Micheal “Crash” Hancock for the high honor and all the work involved with picking the Radical RC RC Mini Intern for the 2012 build along project.


Restarting and old project: 108″ Dallaire Sportster

Photos sent to me by Bob Slater. He’s encouraging me to finish mine with Inspirational photo’s and “You will be thrilled with your Dallaire.”. Bob’s in Scottsdale, Arizona and is into SAM (Society of Antique Modelers) Old Timers, and sport acro. My Dallaire is almost completely framed up. When I started this project many years ago, I was dreaming of putting Saito 80 on it. I wanted to do a RC field to RC field cross country flight and figured this model would be easy see, slow and just right for the job. Of course, if I get started on it again, it’s going to be electric. I am getting the itch to get it down and get some glue on my fingers. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Old-Timer aircraft.

Society of Antique Modelers


“Hello, I have received my order, and want to say thanks for the prompt service, nice packaging, and great price. It made my day to come home to that kit so soon. I will order again, and I will encourage my friends too.

Spring Grove IL”

August 2004