Mini Intern 2012 Kit-Build-Along Project Complete

Michael Hancock, host of The Crash Cast has finished a complete build video thread for the Radical RC Mini Intern . First video is embeded below. Below video, find link for the entire build thread catelog.

Find the entire list of video’s Here: All Things Crash. This is the website where you’ll find any files, video’s and etc related to the activities of the The Crash Cast podcast.

I would like to thank Micheal “Crash” Hancock for the high honor and all the work involved with picking the Radical RC RC Mini Intern for the 2012 build along project.


The CrashCast

Check out “The Crash Cast”, a fun and informative RC podcast from the big ol’ state of Texas. I met Micheal “Crash” Hancock at 2011 SEFF. He’s a real RC junkie. His show shares a lot of good information. He is a scratch builder, home CNC expert and has a fondness for Multi Rotor aircraft. His complete support site for show topics can be found at: All Things Crash.