Judge Me By My Size Do You?

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Russian phone thief-Messes with wrong woman.

Being a passivist and just sitting (or standing) there an taking it is for losers. This girl is not a loser. She delivers a moment of justice for all of us.


President calls for review of “Stand Your Ground”.

Huffington post article: Obama Calls for Review of Stand Your Ground Laws After Trayvon Verdict

Obama: “I think it would be useful for us to examine some state and local laws to see if it — if they are designed in such a way that they may encourage the kinds of altercations and confrontations and tragedies that we saw in the Florida case, rather than defuse potential altercations,”

My HPO Remarks: “In order to have a more docile public, perhaps we should replace it (Stand Your Ground) with “Bend over and take it.” No Mr. president, requiring people to turn their back on a potential killer is like running from a dog, cowardice invites trouble. Only in a society where government owns it’s citizens can one rationalize government approved self defense. I own me.”


President to Use Children as Backdrop to Gun Control

Posted in my Facebook feed in response to using children from Sandy Hook to legitimize extra constitutional executive order anouncements today.

“Are we to be surprised? A prefix image to warm our hearts to action without results. Smaller magazines wouldn’t have had any impact at all on Sandy Hook. How long did the madman Lanza lay on the floor dead before anybody entered the room to see him dead? If he had to use a 6 round magazine, he could have merely changed it 4 times and accomplished the same result. 4-12 seconds. Are we to suppose this is effective change? This has nothing to do with children and everything to do with striking a blow against Liberty, against the Liberty of teachers and administrators to be free full citizens, armed if they choose. It’s about the reduction of choice, the reduction of Liberty, the preservation of criminal preference, the sacred “gun free zone” at any cost, even the cost of more children’s lives. How many more people must die while we placate this insane philosophy? It is pure madness to suppose that defenseless peoples are more safe. While I respect ones individual right to choose, it is pure evil to impose defenselessness upon another. In our day to day activities, it’s important to never allow this immoral position to assume the high moral ground. Do not stand for it. A working definition of religion is devotion and adherence to an ideal regardless of any evidence or lack thereof. So defined, we are clearly dealing with religious zealots. Do not allow them to force upon you their doctrine. There is no defense for opposing a teacher or any other citizen stopping the madman Lanza in a pool of his own blood. And I assert these opponents to Liberty are defending the capability of future madmen like Lanza to do exactly as they please. If the status quo cannot be maintained, then future incidents requiring immediate government action will be fewer.

We must not forget Rom Emanuel (D) confession of strategy:

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


Utah Teachers Flock to Gun Training

Utah Teachers Gun Training
Clark Aposhian, President of the Utah Shooting Sport Council, demonstrates with a plastic gun during concealed-weapons training for 200 Utah teachers
Dec. 27, 2012, in West Valley City, Utah. (Rick Bowmer/AP Photo)
The perception of schools as sanctuaries from violence has been “blown up” by recent events and some believe it’s time for educators to literally take the situation into their own hands and carry guns.

……handful of states, including Oregon, Hawaii and New Hampshire, that allow people to carry licensed concealed weapons into public schools.

see the Full Story – ABC NEWS: Utah Teachers Flock to Gun Training

The report describes Utah’s long running choice to resist evil law breaking wackos with force, to protect our children with deadly force if nesasary. Certainly it would not be complete without an objector to liberty, self-defense and teacher defense of children. As reported by ABC NEWS – Carol Lear, the board’s director of school law and legislation, who stated “It’s a terrible idea…It’s a horrible, no-good, rotten idea.”

Should you choose to contact this objector to liberty, her contact information is published on a public web page: USOE Law – Contact Us

Published there on this day is:

Carol Lear
Phone: (801) 538-7835 | E-mail: carol.lear@schools.utah.gov

Heidi Alder
Education Specialist
Phone: (801) 538-7832 | E-mail: heidi.alder@schools.utah.gov

Kathy Akin
Administrative Secretary
Phone: (801) 538-7830 | E-mail: kathy.akin@schools.utah.gov

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


Evil Finds a Way

Although I wrote the following comments over approximately a 10 day period, I chose not to publish them prior to the last funeral out of respect for the families.

A horrible tragedy unfolds in a school, a wacko kills 26 persons, 20 of which were children. Before the bodies are removed, it is seized upon by many including the mayors of New York and Boston as an opportunity to further curtail Liberties.

We shouldn’t be surprised, their brother Rom Emanuel is famous for confessing an underlying philosophy.

My prayers go out to the families and victims of this depraved insanity. I feel ashamed there are those Americans among us whose crassness allows them to confiscate their immeasurable loss for further attacks on our Liberties and freedoms. As if you and your freedom were to blame for this wacko’s actions.

During the memorial service, a high government official was vowing to use all the power of his office. The speech mentioned 4 shootings during this administration. However, he omitted one, there were five. Left out was Fort Hood where a Muslim terrorist Maj. Hasan assisted by an on-base gun-free zone attacked Americans. A place where our soldiers, sworn to fight to the death for our freedoms were forced to be disarmed. (should I say not trusted, to be armed?) 13 people died in that self defense free zone. Do you remember? They side tracked the real reason these people died by defining it as “workplace violence”. A military base, you can’t have more command and control than a military base. Maj. Hasan walked right into the so called “Soldier Readiness Processing Center” and killed 13 soldiers who’s readiness was not respected. Why did he fail to mention this 5th failure of gun control? They controlled soldiers on a base, disallowing our most trusted defenders of freedom to be armed and 13 of them were killed. Yes, I blame the controllers that SO MANY died. I empathize with you in wishing we could, yet I know we cannot really trust this government or any other government to protect us. Sure they’ll be on the scene to take the reports and investigate and blame the inanimate objects. It’s our first responsibility to keep our own selves and families safe. To protect ourselves from a government official investigating why we died.

Those who wish us to be weaker are planning to use the actions of this madman to argue that you have too much Liberty. As if it is your fault American, you and your ilk are to blame. While they are protected up to the eyeballs in Washington with firearms, barriers, missiles and technology, they desire you and I should have no choice. Somehow the problem is our Liberties, not the evil mental case that did the deed. Of course, it suits the needs of those seeking to take bites out of our constitution to blame you and me and our freedoms rather than a determined individual that committed the crime or the people who organize the zones where self defense is prohibited.

Do I think every teacher and school administrator should be carrying a weapon? Shouldn’t it be up to them, up to each American if they choose to do so? That’s Liberty! What if Liberty were not obstructed with opposing regulations? If Liberty where not hindered by it’s opponents, who’s to say there would not have been some small number of school employees able to provide lethal resistance to this killer? No, rather than allowing free people to defend themselves and those they love, we forced those teachers into charging the gunman unarmed, shielding their pupils with their bodies (unarmed) or running (unarmed) from harms way. Limiting citizens to these frightening choices is held up as the high moral ground by some. I am aghast with shock and horror at the ignorance of many. We trust our teachers with our children. If they wished to do them harm, there is nothing stopping them. There is nothing stopping a knife, a gun, poison, physical abuse, if they wanted to do them harm they could. They have them all to themselves, even alone in classrooms all day long. Yet to satisfy some sick political cause against the Liberties of Americans, we prevent them from exercising the power to protect our children. We create an environment that favors evil, an environment that favors the sick wacko. A free fire zone where there are none whom are “free” to resist evil with equal force. The wacko knows how to avoid a fair fight and where to find preferential treatment. Time and time again they go to the anti-self-defense zone and they enter that zone with the full knowledge it’s been designed with a philosophy, with misguided intentions, not effective defense. Our Anti-Self-Defense zones are most effective at creating space for madmen to do whatever they want. To be in charge.

Wacko’s don’t seem to have any difficulty arriving at such simple logical conclusions. They understand where the way is easy and where it is difficult. It’s not complicated. Are you smarter than a wacko?

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


A Self Defense Free Zone Kills Again In Portland Oregon

December 12,2012: Another zone were self defense is forbidden, where dying at the hands of a wacko is held in higher moral regard than defending your own life or the lives of other Americans. Clackamas Town Center Mall, A place where your life is flippantly put at risk. Hey wackos! Come here! Come to our place where we have disarmed the “sheeple”, easy victims for you to prey upon. Score two more innocent deaths for the anti-self defense cause.

I know the anti-self defense crowd must get warm fuzzies when they post a “No-Guns” sign. I don’t question their intentions. I’m sure their intentions are good. However, when you measure the results of gun free zones, of forbidding self defense, what you really have done is made your “zone” an attractive place for a law breaker or maniac to let loose his sick fantasies upon your customers and friends. The owners of this mall are complicit for creating a dangerous place to inhabit. I am sorry for the families of the loved ones who were lost, sorry our country tolerates this kind of ignorant stupidity. Shame on you for creating another place that gives preferential treatment to criminals.

At best, missing from many people’s education and upbringing is the simple lesson that predators seek easy victims over difficult ones. Do Hyenas feed upon Lions or Gazelles? Or, do they simply begrudge you your right to choose to be a Lion rather than a Gazelle? For some it’s ignorance, others pure politics, they are offended by American liberty to choose anything.

At Radical RC we respect the right of every American to self defense. Any visitor or employee is not only welcome to carry a weapon if they wish, it’s respected. Failing to exercise constitutional rights risks lowering ones appreciation for the gift of freedom and liberty we enjoy in this country. And, it weakens our resolve, easing the way for those who are continually chipping away at our liberties. I respect your right to choose, what I don’t respect are the tyrants that feel it’s their right to choose for you.

If I err in any way, I choose to err on the side of Liberty.

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


Shame for Shame for Shame, Why is America so weak?

Four Star General Ham who gave this interview to a FOX reporter was relieved of command on October 18. It is speculated he was fired for disagreeing with orders to stand down.

As it comes to pass it turns out 4 Americans die in Libya at the Benghazi embassy. After months of begging for more security and 6 to 7 hours of begging for help during the attack and nobody came. Nobody was sent even though forces were less than 2 hours away. Our elite troops within hours of the site were not utilized to save our people. These troops are sworn to protect the life and liberty of American’s and they were not utilized. 300-400 emails received by the administration, including direct to the situation room (staffed by approx 30 senior officers 7 days, 24 hours) and the presidents office. Why so many attempts to get help? THEY WERE GOING TO DIE OTHERWISE. Our people were in a desperate situation. Do you suppose as each minute passed they were sure, they were confident boots would be on the ground, by parachute or helicopter to help them? Minute by minute they knew they would be saved. We are Americans after all! We don’t leave our people to die by choice!

Why when our public servants were under attack, when the video was playing live in the situation room, why were our people left to die? It is a horrible shame that these people were left to be killed when clearly we could have mounted a defense for them if our leadership had thought defending these Americans in government service were important enough to warrant decisiveness.

Furthermore, those that wanted to help were told to stand down. These people were left to die as if they were our most hated enemy’s. Maybe some other goal was judged more important? Were they gambling our people would survive and news reports that terrorism is “alive and well” wouldn’t hit the news outlets during a competitive election cycle? Were these Americans simply sacrificed in order to cash in on an opportunity to strike at free speech using the a movie trailer (one mans free speech) as the cause of the deaths? Was the attack on free speech merely an additional benefit of using this method to covering up the failure? They certainly did claim it was the cause on many occasions for which recordings are available for your review. Was it just too late and too tired out to do anything about it tonight? I don’t know if they were left to die for the advance “fundamental transformation” goals, political gain, for lack of will to act or just too busy. However, I am furious, disappointed and deeply ashamed that there is room in America, room in American hearts for such weakness and careless disregard for our citizens in need of help.

Read the latest story: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Read more detail and the time line of events as it’s known today. Benghazi endgame: CIA told to stand down instead of helping Americans under fire

United Liberty Artical: CIA told to “stand down” during Benghazi attack

Added Information as of November 6, 2012. Bret Baier’s Death and Deceit in Benghazi

Added Information as of November 6, 2012. Bret Baier’s Death and Deceit in Benghazi
Video’s showing our government officials reinforcing the lie that a video caused an angry mob to attack in Benghazi

Jay Carney White House Press Secretary Reinforcing the Lie on 09/14/2012

Hillary Clinton falls on her sword for the Commander and Chief even though she is not in command of any military resources:

Notice she describes the event as “In the fog of war.” However the only fog was in the decision between protecting American’s and doing nothing. War requires two parties to be fighting, Our government was not fighting.

The paper trail is uncovered:


Innocents Betrayed

Genocide has an interesting history, it never starts with genocide, it is always preceded by gun control. Always preceded by the reduction of a peoples capability of self defense. Those that wish you to have a lower self defense capability are not looking out for your interests. Learn of the history of genocide in the film below. After the credits there are a couple of very worthwhile interviews.

A film produced by: JPFO.ORG


Freedom works in Oklahoma: Kendra Lives!

Photo By: 770 KKOB-AM, Kendra St. Clair
To the great dismay of the anti-self defense crowd, Kendra St. Clair, a 12 year old Oklahoma girl remains unmolested, unbeaten and undead when she defends herself against a piece of societies trash with a Gloch 40. According to Bryan County Under Sheriff Ken Golden, the perp had busted in the back door of the home, the girl opened fire when the man turned the doorknob of the closet she was hiding in.

Police said the 40 caliber bullet struck 32-year-old Stacey Jones in the shoulder, scaring him out of the house. He was arrested a short distance away and charged with first degree burglary. I bet that stung a little bit eh?

Unbelievably establishing once again that guns don’t kill people, little girls defending themselves from dangerous villains do. However, don’t think this evidence will mean anything favorable for you with the anti-self defense anti-constitution Kool-Aid drinking crowd. They are going to keep fighting for the neutering of America and Americans in every way possible. It’s up to you and I to do our part to stifle these dreams. Hey, encourage them to move to Uganda or Rwanda where the dreams of total gun control and seizure have been realized and mass murder of unarmed citizens ensued. See JPFO.org for the Gun Control Genocide Chart and learn about “Death By Gun Control”. Famous for gun control are Khmer Rouge, Hitler, the millions killed in Nationalist China after private ownership was banned or severely restricted. Not company I wish to align myself with.

Stacey Jones relearns what most of us already understand, it’s dangerous to assume that it’s your right to forcibly liberate citizens of their hard earned money, property or freedom. Protecting your self from these sorts of persons is without a doubt one of the very reasons these rights are guaranteed in America and need to be protected and preserved. I am without a doubt fully proud of my country, my constitution and my right to do as Kendra St. Clair did and protect myself and my family from evil. We’re glad your still here Kendra!

Read more:
ABC News.