Touch – Roll – Touch with an F-104? Impossible!

Discussion under the video:

Thekenemy: According to my old Dutch teacher who was a ground crew member for the Belgian Starfighters, the idea was to do this as close to the ground as possible. He claims to have witnessed a horrible crash where the pilot for some reason ejected during this manoeuvre and got launched into the ground. This must have been Cpt. Susse Jacobs. I don’t know whether these f-104’s ejected upwards or downwards. Some internet research suggest there might be footage of this crash, but I can’t find it.

Allessandro Martens: It was indeed Susse Jacobs, who replaced Ongena after his retirement, who was killed while ejecting after a badly performed roll-touch-roll. The downwards ejecting seats were only installed in the early models of the F-104 and owned by the USAF. The rest, wisely, ejected upwards. I have no idea if there’s a video of Jacobs tragic ending. Ciao Alex

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Today I Was Thinking Of The F-104

I’ve often thought of a bucketlist project of making a slow indoor flyer out of the worlds most improbable subjet, the F-104 Starfighter. There is this problem of driving past one every day on the way into Radical RC.

Capt. Joseph B. Jordan, flying a Lockheed F-104C Starfighter set a new altitude record when he reached 103,395.5 ft over the Edwards AFB. Flight Test Center California. During this flight, Capt. Jordan reached 98,424 ft 930,000 m) in only 15 minutes 4.92 seconds. This was the first aircraft taking off on its own power to reach the 30,000 m and 100,000 ft altitudes.

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