RadicalCast #005

[display_podcast] Bob’s Lucky 13 Kadet Senior and my flight predictions. A photo of the model and it’s owner was posted on June 1st. The High Voltage Paradigm Shift. Form Charging NiCad and NiMH packs. Important Considerations and general information on how peak charging works. Post flight commentary on Bob’s Lucky 13 and the importance of understanding what you want from a power system. The test flight video is available in the June 3rd post.

Show Notes:
Stick 400 Kit


Lucky 13 Flight Test

Here it is. You can hear Bob stepping in the throttle on the take off. The model looked like it had pretty good power. He didn’t get around to removing the propless glow motor (donor fuse) so the actual flight weight here is about 10lbs 10oz. Yikes! On speed 300’s. Very sorry to say, shortly into the fight the rudder servo failed and after about 10 minutes of circling trying to work it over the field with throttle and elevator only, he gave up before it got too far away and it made an off field landing in a thicket. Might be a month or longer before this wounded soldier makes it out of refurb.


Bob Clark’s Lucky 13

This model to be the subject of a future RadicalCast. There is no “in the box thinking” employed for Lucky 13’s setup. A 9lb 10oz model flying low voltage. So low you won’t believe it. Yes, we really do get some of the most interesting things through the door at our shop! If you can be at the Wingmasters Meeting and Hotdog Social this Thursday June 2, 2011. You can see it fly. They are serving at 6:00 PM 😉