I recently purchased the Verti-Go 125 kit and I have got to say that is the best kit that I have ever built. The ease and speed of putting the kit together is amazing. I had the entire kit framed up before I ever pulled my glue out.I just wanted to say ” Job Well Done “. I built the plane over a couple of days all together in between being on call as a tow truck driver.

Kerry, Island Lake, IL




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“How much I love Radical RC… also Mini Stick fun…”

“Greetings…My name is Mitch, and I’ve been doing business with you folks for the better part of this year. I’m fortunate enough to be able to drive a short distance to the RRC shop. Ever since my first visit, you folks have treated me to fantastic prices, and best of all, priceless advice and knowledge. I live on a disability income, due to a severe back injury, and even despite my limited amount of money, I’m still able to have a fulfilling hobby due to the affordable prices you are able to pass onto your customers. It also helps to have Dick give me his opinion, maximizing my bang for my buck.

I’ve built a RRC intern trainer which was my 2nd RC aircraft, and I’ve just recently upgraded to one of your mini sticks.

First of all, your laser cutting is fabulous. It’s enough to spoil you if you have to go back and build a traditional die-cut or even scratch built plane. Its true, you can actually frame up nearly the whole plane without a drop of glue. The supplied balsa is light and strong as it should be for this ship. The magnet wing hold down is simply genius, and makes battery swap outs painless and quick. Instructions are clear and concise, but once you build one Radical RC kit, you probably won’t need them much honestly. =)

The mini stick is running a Radical RC CDROM brushless motor (1000KV) on a Castle Creations Thunderbird 9 amp speed control, plugged into a Berg 4L receiver. I’m running 3S 800-1025mAh lipos in that little plane, and the performance is fantastic. The 1025mAh pack just BARELY fits in the fuselage, but once it’s in the air, the added weight isn’t very perceptible amazingly enough. With 3 high capacity packs like that, you can fly until your thumbs wear out! I’m no expert pilot or anything, but it’s an absolute riot to flog this little thing around the sky, and with its diminutive size, its opens up a lot of opportunities for new places to fly. The little outrunner swings a 7×6 prop, and it’s not outrageously fast, but it’s got straight up vertical, and will anxiously climb out from just about any attitude. 3 GWS Pico BB’s servos are a nice match for the control surfaces.

My next project might be another Mini Stick on the opposite end of the spectrum. A 12mm inrunner turning tiny props at super high RPMs for ‘blink-and-you’ll-lose-it’ supersonic speed. =)

All in all, I just had to say thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this hobby. I am blessed to be able to know you guys and do business with you.

P.S. I call dibs on the double-size Intern Trainer if they ever make it to production!”


September 2008


Hi Dave, (in reference to the Micro and Mini Stick kits)
………I love the kits, perfect parts fit!

H. Fenn
Barnwell, SC”

November 2004


“Hello, I have received my order, and want to say thanks for the prompt service, nice packaging, and great price. It made my day to come home to that kit so soon. I will order again, and I will encourage my friends too.

Spring Grove IL”

August 2004