Micro Stick Fleet Tryout

Gil Weiss from southeast PA sends a beautiful photo of his Micro Stick. Just test flown. Looks Great Gil!

Gil Weiss Micro Stick from South East PA.

Hi Dave,

Several years ago I built a Micro Stick. The kit went together very nicely. The little plane sat on a shelf until today. I enjoyed the last nice day of calm warm weather here in SE PA and test flew the plane. It was a real Hoot! Flew great and had an unbelievable roll rate. Landed fine. Other than add some more “expo”, no changes were required. I will keep this plane in my active fleet from here on out.

Regards, Gil Weiss


Aerial Photo of Radical RC Location

wright field
Radical RC, Proudly located in the Shadow of the greatest super power the world has ever seen.

Hi Dave,

Attached is a photo of a B-17 making a flyby over Wright Field. I think the shadow is about where your building’s located. Notice Huffman Dam and the train heading towards Fairborn on the old Big 4 RR.

Show this to Richard. He stopped by my tables at the Hara Arena Train Show a couple of weeks ago and I told him about this picture.


Steve Neff
Neff Video Productions

Vist Neff Video Productions to see model and full scale rail video and images.


Well I never have sent an email to say something good about anyone. But your shop is the BEST so far as I’ve seen. Damn you sent the stuff so quick it might interfere with my alcohol consumption this weekend. Shipping rates are great, prices are too and you seem like good people.

PS. I never got the winning powerball numbers I was hoping for………LOL Feel free to use this email as you wish.

From Massholechusetts, another Liberal loving state,
John Baron


RC Universe Video Post From Toledo 2012

Our newest product shown at Toledo 2012 gets a segment in this event coverage video.  Thanks to Ken Issac of Toledo prep was 6 weeks of intensive work for all of us at Radical RC.   We had a great show and are thankful for all of you that visited the booth.  It’s always a boost to our enthusiasm to be reminded each year how many R/C’rs we get to have an impact on throughout the year.   We had a great show and look forward to Toledo 2013.  Thanks!  Dave


Radical RC

Radical RC is located at:  5339 Huberville Ave, Dayton Ohio  45431-1250.  937-256-7727

GPS Geeks: Latitude N+39° 47′ 10.62″, Longitude W-84° 6′ 51.61″

Website: Radical RC (http://www.radicalrc.com)

Hours: Mon-Tue-Wed 9-5pm,  Thur & Fri 9-7pm, Saturday 10-2pm,  Closed Sunday
Booth at ModelRama?: YES

Our shop is directly across from the Airfroce Museum.  Almost driectly across from the flag pole.  When you exit Woodman Dr (also called Wright Brothers Parkway) onto Springfield Street, the Air Force Museum grounds are on your right.  On your left on a parallel road (Huberville Ave) there is a small neigborhood.  There are several commercial buildings on this road.  Radical RC is one of these buildings.  It is a single story 3 unit 3600 square foot block building.  There is usually a large white trailer parked in front of or beside the building.  There is no sign visible from the street.   Just find 5339 Huberville and your there.

What you’ll find:  One of the country’s most unique suppliers.  You won’t see much of anything from the big two (Horizon or Hobbico).  You’ll find all the supplies you need to really build a model airplane and of course all the model electronics we are world famous for.  This is a “Flying Machines” shop.

Visual of the Area:

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Maps and Driving Directions:

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Street View:

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Visiting Dayton? Airplane Activities

Be sure to check out the sub-categories open under “Visiting Dayton Aviation”.  You’ll find information about the Airforce Museum, local hobby shops, model airports, important local events and aviation attractions you can visit both nearby and a short drive outside the area.   Regardless if your in town for a visit or on business, if you’ve got some extra time to look around Dayton, there is plenty to do.  

This area of Ohio has some of the country’s best flying fields and several clubs over 100 members.  Aviation both full scale and model is strong here.  If you “Speak Model Airplane”, you’ll agree, Dayton is heaven.


Mini Intern 2012 Kit-Build-Along Project Complete

Michael Hancock, host of The Crash Cast has finished a complete build video thread for the Radical RC Mini Intern . First video is embeded below. Below video, find link for the entire build thread catelog.

Find the entire list of video’s Here: All Things Crash. This is the website where you’ll find any files, video’s and etc related to the activities of the The Crash Cast podcast.

I would like to thank Micheal “Crash” Hancock for the high honor and all the work involved with picking the Radical RC RC Mini Intern for the 2012 build along project.


3D Printed Aircraft Takes Flight

Springfield Ohio’s SelectTech in September of 2011 reports sucessful test flight of the worlds first privately funded 3D printed aircraft. Designed by Frank Beafore and Beth Galang, flown by Jade Lowrey at Springfields Beckley Municipal Airport. Aircraft is powered and guided by electronics from Radical RC. Powered by Himax brushless motor, Castle Creations ESC, and Kypom Lipo battery. The aircraft was manufactured on a Dimension 22 1200 ES Printer which works by fusing together strands of ABS plastic. The printer can make parts up to about 10″ long. The aircraft is an assembly of many sections. The wing panels are made with ribs, skin with a light cross hatch structure under the skin (a Radical RC suggestion) to allow the skin to be made thin and light weight. In each rib with each panel are premade holes to accept the carbon rod spars. Total printing time was about 5 days.

Worlds First Privately Funded 3D Printed Aircraft
Worlds First Privately Funded 3D Printed Aircraft

Generally the 3D printing process is used to make prototype parts to verify designs before making a hard tooling investment. However, SelectTech demonstrates that projects with complex mechanical requirements can be manufactured and put directly into service very quickly.

A story was published in the Dayton Daily News Business section on Nov. 13, 2011.


“Hello Dave, I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for some advice. I talked to you briefly at the Dayton show. I asked about crimping terminals onto wires with the pin crimp tool. Two or maybe three years ago I bought terminals and the crimper tool from you. I have tried many times to make the crimper work but they would always come out wrong. I kind of gave up since I couldn’t get them to work. You pointed out that the tool has a raised spot to roll the fingers on the terminal into the wire instead of jamming into each other. I had to study the jaw of the tool to see the nub but it is there. I guess my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. This has made all the difference in the world. Thank you for the help this has been a source of aggravation for me for quite some time. Now they come out perfect every time.

Thanks again, M. Herman”

February 2005


Hi Dave, (in reference to the Micro and Mini Stick kits)
………I love the kits, perfect parts fit!

H. Fenn
Barnwell, SC”

November 2004