Charles Fauvel & His Tailless Sailplanes

charles fauvel sailplane
Doesn’t this look like fun? AV-22 Prototype

An innovative designer of flying wings, particularly soaring designs. I nice deep website with lots to read. I’ve often thought of kitting a scale glider at some point. Perhaps one of these designs will motivate me.


One Tow Plane, Two Models With Onboard Camera:

Charles Fauvel and his Flying Wings


Fussstart (Foot Launch)

This is cool for real. However, I couldn’t help but imagine what he’d look like if he had a pair of costume store chicken feet. Maybe a beak painted on the nose and some feather leggings? Seriously.


DARTS – Dayton Area Thermal Soarers

Dayton Area Thermal Soarers
Dayton Area Thermal Soarers


Location: Darts is located in Twin Towers Area Park in Yellow Springs Ohio.


Contact Email: Email Links Here

Access to the field: Open Park

GPS Geeks: +39° 49′ 10.44″, -83° 56′ 47.87″( 39.819567, -83.946630 Station is accessible‎)

Address: Twin Towers Area Park, 501 Yellow Springs Fairfield Rd, Fairborn, OH 45387

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AMA Club Charter: #889 Formed: Nov 1972

Club Dues: $25 Average Membership: ??? Memebership Limit?: No

Flying Hours: I have no data on flying hours for this location.

Membership Information: The club is open to all AMA Members.  See Club Website for official information.

Guest Flying: I’ve flown with these guys as a guest and I know the many soaring contests they hold include people from all over the region.  This is certainly an open and friendly group.

Google Map with notes from a member.  Also lists other soaring sites in the area.

What you’ll find:
This is THE club in the region for Soaring, both fun and competition.  This has always been an active group.  Be sure to check the club schedule for a variety of activities.  The flying area is all grass.  A Park shelterhouse is nearby providing picnic tables and headquarters for contests.  There are some active soccer fields to the north and there is no flying from these fields or over players. 

Special Notes From Dave: It’s always “Gentlemanly” to observe the AMA Safety Code as a baseline at any new field until all local rules, etiquette and customs are learned. Be aware some fields have routine full scale air traffic nearby, others very little or none. It takes time to become aware of all the special concerns and routines at any new flying field.


DLG Electric Assist – Slow Stick Conversion

Image by Tabasco On The E-Zone

Check out “Tabasco’s glider lifter made from a slow stick. The E-Zone thread is HERE. Tabasco tells about his setup and the parts he employed to make his conversion.

I’ve seen a few of these built over the last couple years and the owners love them. One even lifts 3 meter ships! There are not to many ideas that cannot be executed with a Slow Stick.



Expanding Your Airfoil Knowledge

Erik Dahl Christensen’s Airfoil History
If like me, you love to design aircraft and want to get a better handle on airfoils, Eric Christensens’s site is an excellent study. Click his home link to find calculators and other sailplane design information. Even if your not into sailplanes, the information is clearly presented and it’s influenced my thinking and understanding of airfoils on many levels. Studying other aircraft disciplines will help with your discipline whatever it is. I found the Airfoils section of this site very interesting. In fact, I may go back and give it a read again soon. I’m saving the link here for that purpose and to share it with you. I am currently working on my first sailplane kit and this site has helped me a great deal. Get some glue on your fingers!