Excellent Podcast: The Stratosphere Lounge – Speed and Angle

I’ve got some mixed reasons for liking this guy and his podcast. He is an avid aviation and space buff. He’s also a science fiction movie buff. Outside of this show, he’s a commentator on maters of liberty. His show “The Stratosphere Lounge” contains some of that but has a lot of personal interest content.

After a short housekeeping talk about his recent videos, he covers his experiences with full scale engine failures and emergency landings, full scale sailplane experiences and idiots promoting train service over cheaper faster existing air service. I’m not against trains, the conversation is an interesting tie in to aviation. This episode contains good aviation related stories and thoughts.

This show’s format is a live recorded UStream video/audio where he’s commenting on live chat and whatever else is on his mind. Clearly a more personal project for this professional.

The Stratosphere Lounge has bubbled up among my favorite online radio/tv shows to take in. Who needs cable?


Fluid Dymanics of Drag – Boundary Layers

Excellent video showing in real experiments you can understand and see. Shows what the boundary layer is, what a stall looks like (if you could see the air) and vorticity. EXCELLENT!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Notice also as the airfoil is inclining to higher and higher angles of attack, that the air is not split on what appears to be the most forward portion of the airflow, but rather below that portion of the airfoil. There is a ton of information here to help you understand why things work the way they do. Enjoy!