Steven Cushing Photo’s of 1905 Wright Flyer In Action

Steve Cushing Low and Slow Wright 1905 Fly-by.

Steve’s built a beautiful 1905. He has added some scale detail including flying wires and pilot.

Low Pass – Easy Climb Out

We can clearly see a pilot capable of flying this model right in it’s sweetest spot, low and slow.

Pilot Acknowledges Photographer

“Hi Dave,

I was at our local field last week, and one of the guys took 60 some jpg’s of the Flyer. Some turned out excellent…! I did a low and slow fly by (didn’t think it was quite that low!) and he caught the whole sequence. I also really like the turn down wind… Use any that you might like.


Outbound to setup for another pass.

Thanks for providing the great photography Steve.

Entering the plyon turn at Reims, France, August 1909.

1905 Wright Flyer With Added Bling

Steve Cushing’s 1905 Wright Flyer
Stephen Cushing writes and provides photo’s of his Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer kit. He added flying wires and also built a dolly. I know the dolly has it’s own RX that responds to his rudder inputs so he can taxi and guide the model on it’s take off run. This allows Steve to fly the model without a hand launcher to help. Nice job Steve!

Steve also informs me of a pilot doll he found on ebay: Legacy of Valor Wright Brothers Figures. So, more scale detail to come.

Rear View S. Cushing’s 1905

Click image to see full size. Thanks for the photo’s Steve!

Interested in this kit? Check it out HERE.


The Fluid Dynamics Of Drag

Excellent video from days of old that demonstrate some very important aerodynamic principles.  The different drag produced by common objects is shown on a scale. You’ll be amazed.