“Hi Dave…I ordered 2 battery packs a couple of weeks ago for my Lite Stik (7 cell, 300 mah NIMH & 8 cell, 300 mah NIMH). These two packs are absolutely superb for the Lite Stik! With the 7-cell pack I can achieve 20-25 minute flights just coasting, and floating around at 1/2 to 2/3 throttle…With the 8 cell pack I get 18 -20 minute flights, but MUCH more robust performance. I can ROG with the 8 cell pack in 2-3 feet easily! The plane can climb at an amazing rate, and be a dot in the sky in no time! I’m thoroughly impressed with these battery packs, and you can bet that you’ll be hearing from me again for additional battery needs! (Yep, I get MORE flight time with the 7-cell as opposed to the 8 cell pack! I believe it’s because the current draw is greater when I use the 8 cell… then again, I’m able to DO things with the 8 cell that simply REQUIRE more current!)

Great batteries…

Thanks Dave! Rick Kalada”

July 2001