Introducing George Will

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What an amazing and entertaining speech delivery by George will at the 2010 CPAC conference. The ideal of liberty offends many and most do not understand the term at all. A very funny speech for which you’ll laugh and realize all at the same time sense the underlying sadness.

Speaking to the choir resembles 1/2 time locker room enthusiasm building. I hope by introducing you to some of the worlds greatest minds, greatest proponents of freedom and liberty that we’ll together be able to reduce the fires that burn against freedom to mere smoldering embers. It is impossible to put out this fire, but it is possible to care that it does not spread and that people learn to move their belongings far from the source of ignition.

I encourage you to have the courage to speak outside your choir. It’s easy once you’ve tried, just do it.

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.