Flying In A Tight Space

GWS Tiger Moth

I thought my Slow Stick would be ok, until I got it in the air, and then it looked like a Condor. I’m not the worlds best pilot, yet! But I’ve got maybe a half acre to fly in, if you don’t count the side yard, that is another 1/4 acre. ….I’m looking for something that I can fly in my yard, can you tell me the slow flying characteristics of the Millennium RC Micro SSX Balsa Build Kit?

Catch you later, D.V. Middleburg, Fl

A Slow Stick can fly in a small space also.

It’s easier to fly a Slow Stick in a small area if you incraese the dihedral. I like my wing mounting kit with 1″ rise and 16 degree dihedral best overall. In a tight spot, I might even go with the 20 or 24 degree dihedral. It will let you turn on a dime.   Find parts for this here.

Stock they don’t respond to quickly to rudder inputs. If you have the stock 12 degree setup and the plastic wing protector on which cuts your dihedral down to about 8 degrees, you have a real slow turning problem for sure. This means you have to think further ahead which is hard in the beginning.

If you are struggling with the Slow Stick in that area, the Millineum kits which are slightly faster are going to be a little more difficult. The airfoil on them is better for inverted flight and aerobatics but this is at the cost of lower lift. You have to be moving a slightly faster to stay in the air which will make the area feel a little tighter to you. It’s not about space or area, it’s about time. Time between turns and across the field. So before you build that nice balsa model (they are very nice kits) get that Slow Stick in flying trim and master it in the area you have. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy that nice Millineum kit. (Highly reccomened!)

What you really have is 1/2 acre to “land in”.  For a small space flight plan, I’m thinking about poping up above the tree line where I have more space to fool around then landing along the longest path available to me on the field when obsticals are considered. Perhaps you have a few too many tree’s. Nothing a good chainsaw won’t correct. 😉

GWS Tiger Moth Low & Slow

Also, consider the Pico Tiger Moth, it’s about 2/3 the size of the Slow Stick, undercambered. I should have these listed here: GWS-E-ARF. You can fly these in decent gymnasium. They will want little or no wind to fly.