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Poly Switch Breaker for Diode Protected Transmitters - Product Image
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Poly Switch Breaker for Diode Protected Transmitters

Use to replace diode in Futaba transmitters (or any others) with a auto resetting breaker. Allows charge and discharge up to 3 amps as well as volt checking of the TX battery through the TX charge port. Exact same rating as more expensive Futaba part (FUTM4000) at a much more reasonable cost. A better option than jumping the diode as this part will protect against melting the pack down by shorting through the charge port as well as the diode did while not interfering with normal service of the pack.

This is a moderate skill project. You need to be able to identify your diode, desolder it and solder this component in it's place. No instructions are provided. If your radio is in warranty, this will void it (as would jumping the diode). Note, this cannot be used on a Futaba 9Z.

Price: $2.99 

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