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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
 Flite Test visits Radical RC 
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Radical RC Crystal Exchange

Crystal Exchange(s) to be shipped with order, see quantity options below.

"Order" this only if you've mailed a Crystal Exchange(s) that you want to be shipped with your product order, thank you.

Otherwise go here to send in your Crystal exchange: Radical RC Crystal Exchange

Price: $7.00 
# Crystal Exchanges 

Miscellaneous Item

Miscellaneous Item

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Price: $0.00 
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Price: $4.00 
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Calidus Kit SPECIAL Was $407

Yes, I have some Calidus kits in stock. They have easily repaired broken tails from poor packing from the maker. The verticals are popped off the horizontals. Just glue them back in place. I'm making this quick listing for those who read in the forums that we have them. This is a kit meaning you have to bolt it all together. I've never flown one and can't help with setup and settings. This is a kit for somebody comfortable combing the internet for the knowledge they need to complete and set it up properly. Rare kit in the USA. I only have a few of these kits. Don't call, if I'm out, I'll take it off the website.
SKU Number: Calidus
Price: $349.99 

FDK/Sanyo Custom Built 6-Cell 7.2V AAA Cell 1000mAh NIMH Battery Pack

FDK/Sanyo Custom Built 6-Cell 7.2V AAA Cell 1000mAh NIMH Battery Pack

FDK (formerly Sanyo) 7.2V, 6-Cell, AAA 1000 HR4U NIMH Custom Built for your application. Built with shrink and wire, choose your connector.

NiMH offers some incredible advantages in size and weight.

Suggested charge rate non-peak detecting 100mah or less, peak detecting 500-2000mah.

Choose Shape Configuration, Output Wire and Connector below.

SKU Number: RRC06H1000C
Price: $26.00 
Shape Configuration 
Output Wire 
Output Connector Plug 


Custom Y Charge Cord 20 Gauge Silicone Insulation

We can hand make cords and harnesses to almost any specification.

Use the drop down menus to indicate your preferences. Generally we size these by measuring from the back of each connector. So the overall length will be greater by connector shell length.

We try to get within about 1/2" of your spec. Please order long enough to compensate for minor variance.

Note: Stock machine made sizes and are lower cost and can suit many needs, find them in the connector category to fit your specific brand.

KEY: Think of a 1 legged stick man, the RX connector is the "Leg" and each side of the "Y" that connects to a servo is an "Arm". 

Price: $0.00 
Leg Length 
Leg Wire Gauge 
Connector Male End (plugs into RX or Charger) 
Female Arm #1 Length 
Female Arm #2 Length 
Connector Female Ends (accepts your servo plugs) 



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