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We custom build Battery Packs!
Any voltage, amperage, or material.
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Did you know? Radical RC was the first company in RC history to offer "and recommend" Sanyo NiMH packs into the RC Field? We were also the first to offer an electric kit that was powered by NiMH cells with the "Lil-Hornet". We knew they were good back when everybody else said you couldn't use NiMH in RC. True, the very first NiMH packs offered (mid 1990's) were sold by one of the industry giants and really were "terrible". We looked through that bad experience and found the good cells. Now, well over half of the RC community flies NiMH RX and TX packs. Over the years others battery sellers have followed in our aggressive recognition of reality and they are available from many sources. Quality products and correct advice is what we are all about. Oh yeah, we love to fly too. All our NiMH and NiCad packs are double welded for redundancy and come with 22 gauge high strand count wire. No factory 26 gauge second rate product here.

Note: Swelled Lipo cells are caused by charging to over 4.2V per cell or at rates above Cx1, discharging to under 3V per cell or overheating cells under discharge.
There is NO WARRANTY for swelled or puffed cells as this is 100% user caused.
Check out or replacement of damaged Lipo cells is $15 + the price of the cell(s) and shipping.

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Lithium Instructions and Safety

NiCad ad NiMH Balance Charging in a NUTSHELL

NIMH or Nicad, Charging, Your New Battery

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