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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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Gears category is really just a list of shortcut links to where you'll find gears on our site. These gears are stocked as replacement parts for various RC power system gearbox units. They are listed accordingly. Follow links below to find all the gears we have available.

GWS Pinions (Small Gears) GWS Spur Gears Himax Gearbox Parts Geabox's RRC Brand Pinons


We deal in "hobbiest level" and "UAV level" Radio Control (RC) items here. You may have found us using Google because we list so many gears. However, we are not experts on imported Toy's or other misc stuff. If your trying to fix a toy or tool or other device, let me answer the important questions right here.

1. I DO NOT know what gear you need.
2. I CAN NOT figure it out by knowing your number of teeth.
3. I CAN NOT figure it out by knowing the diameter of your gear.
4. NO, a picture won't help.
5. There is no "STANDARD" gear, there are MANY.
6. NO, I can't guess at the shaft size of your motor. Measure it.
7. NO, you cannot return items you purchased "Just To See".

It's up to you to figure out what gear tooth size you have and find it among my listings. Buy a gear pitch gauge for both metric and SAE teeth, buy a digital caliper so you can measure things and figure it out. I've invested hundreds of emails and phone calls giving these same answers to a constant stream of inquirys. I'm saving you time by giving you the answers I have now. The info provided about the gears we stock is all the info I have. If your not sure, order a few that seem right and try them out. Most of them are very cheap. Please understand, I'm happy to supply these goods, we just have to focus our customer service time helping with what we know about, flying machines.



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