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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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         Post Landing Gear     

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Post Landing Gear Block Set - Product Image
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Post Landing Gear Block Set

Set of 4 fittings. Provide way for mounting vertical post landing gear. Vertical post gear can be mounted anywhere along the boom, even outside the motor mounts if you like. You can use any length rod (within reason) so the Quad can be setup with variable height landing gear to allow for different setups such as camera's or other gizmos you may need extra height for. Gear block may be secured with tape on either side (won't slip over the tape), Zap Goo, hot melt or your favorite adhesive. Gear is secured by single wheel collar. Wire to be used for gear leg is 3/32 music wire or 2.5mm carbon/fiberglass rod. Holes in pillow blocks will need to be slightly opened up for the 2.5mm rod option. Tip your rods with a curl, ball or other type of foot if you wish. Provide your own wheel collars and rod or order elsewhere on this site.
Price: $7.00 

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