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SQuiRT 400 by Stevens AeroModel - Product Image
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SQuiRT 400 by Stevens AeroModel

The Stevens AeroModel SQuiRT provides a solid platform for your student pilot to learn on. Speed 400 Primary Trainer for 3ch. Simple one evening construction allows you to get airborne quickly. Innovative shock absorbing gear and wing mounting system make crash damage exceptionally rare. In-fact, we have found this model to out perform any foamy in it's class in terms of flight performance and ruggedness. Rugged doesn't have to mean overweight as our 38" span Squirt weighs in at a lean 13.5-14oz with a 1500mah lipo and well under 16oz with a KAN 650 7 cell NIMH.
Thoughtful design and innovative beginner friendly features abound. Tab and notch construction makes building a straight and true wing and fuselage as easy as pouring as gluing your fingers together! The kit includes a full hardware pack loaded with high quality Du-Bro hardware, Wheels, Full-Size Plan Sheet, Pre-Bent Landing gear, a detailed step by step photo illustrated instruction manual, the kit even includes an excerpt on primary aerobatics derived under license from the RC Pilot Guide written by Scott M. Stoops.
Flying the Squirt is a great pleasure even in windy conditions that will send the other slow fliers packing. Additionally, the positive stability of this model allows the instructor to trim for level flight and hand over the controls to the student pilot. If the pilot looses control all that is necessary to regain control is reduce power and center the sticks - The Squirt will rapidly return to level flight!
To Complete the Kit: 1 Roll of covering. Thin and Thick CA glue.
Required Radio Gear (our suggestion): 2 each sub-micro servos 8-10g (Hitec HS-55), one 3-4ch receiver (GWS R4PII), and a 10a esc (Castle Pixie 20P).
Motor: Designed for direct drive Speed 400 power systems. The kit includes a stick mount for the GWS Speed 300/350 power system, however we suggest that beginners take advantage of the GWS EDP400 direct drive system
Battery: 1000 to 2100mAh 7.4v LiPo pack or KAN 650-950 2/3AA 8.4v NIMH (heavier).

SKU Number: SQUIRT400
Price: $98.00 
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