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Although highly popular with the giant-scale crowd, our 1/3-Scale Spacewalker is simply too big for some modelers to haul around. In response to all of you who asked for a smaller version, we bring you the 1/4-Scale Spacewalker II.

It's made for flying! The thick semi-symmetrical airfoil and long tail moment provide perfect stability and low speed handling. At full-throttle, it will do all the aerobatics you ever dreamed of.

Span: 84" (2134mm)
Area: 1110 sq. in. (21.6 sq dcm)
Length: 60.5" (1537mm)
Weight: 11-13lbs (5000-5900g)
Radio: 4 channel
Electric: 1200-2000 watts designed around 14-18" props
Glow: .90-1.20 (15-20cc) 2 strokes, 1.20-1.60 (20-26cc) 4 strokes
Gas: 23-30cc

Setup and Performance Chart
Motor# CellsPropAmpsWatts InRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPHClimb FPMEst. Top Speed
Himax 5018-530614x757.512949,09015059161162
Himax 5030-390615x1254.71231 6,83014576164966
Himax 6320-250818x1254.216265,93020866244371
Himax 6320-2501017x1264.524197,26026281336282

Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. High Quality 3000-6000mah used as trial cell in calculations. Presumed model weight of 190-20 oz.. Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of battery, ESC, and many other factors.

This item only ships by parcel post or FedEx Ground regardless of shipping method chosen. If you want Priority Mail expect shipping to run you an extra $30 to $60 or so. Note, one supplier lists this kit for less, however once you pay the shipping it will cost you LOTS MORE. You can get this delivered by parcel post to your door for $354.92 (including our flat rate $3 shipping, includes Sig's $20.00 shipping surcharge) anywhere in the USA.
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SKU Number: SIGRC59

Price: $233.95 

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