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Sig 4 Star 40 - Product Image
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Sig 4 Star 40

When developing the Four-Star 40, SIG had two main design goals: First of course was impeccable flight performance, including the ability to perform any aerobatic whoop-dee-doo you can throw at it. Second, it had to be ultra-simple to build without looking like a "box with wing".

Kit Features: Lite-Ply Fuselage Construction, Pre-Cut Sheet Balsa Tail Surfaces, Durable Aluminum Main Landing Gear, Formed Tailwheel Wire, Molded Clear Plastic Canopy, Full Size Plans, Fast-Building Wing with Spruce Spars, Photo-Illustrated Instruction Book, Engine Mounts, Sig Easy Hinges, Pushrods, Complete Hardware Pack & Large Decal Sheet.

Wingspan: 59 3/4 in 1518 mm
Wing Area: 604 sq in 39 sq dm
Flying Weight: 4 3/4 lb 2150 g
Length: 47 in 1194 mm
Radio Required: 4 Channel, 4 Servos
Recommended Engines: .30-.40 cubic in (4.9 - 6.5 cubic cm) 2-Stroke, .40-.50 cubic in (6.5 - 8.2 cubic cm) 4-Stroke

Special notes about electric from Dave: This model makes an excellent electric conversion. I've seen many of them done and they fly well. Plenty of wing area and a light weight design. Below are my suggestions for a range of practical power systems.

Setup and Performance Chart
Motor# CellsPropAmpsWatts InRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPHClimb FPMEst. Top Speed
Himax 3522-0990312x641.74698,4706248137753
Himax 3528-800312x1037.44216,9506654126056
Himax 3528-800411x736.65499,7706568167461
Himax 3528-1000312x644.55018,6904964149054
Himax 3528-1000411x5.551.477111,6606185217764
Himax 3528-1000312x644.55018,6904964149054
Himax 5018-530512x830.55728,5606576183963
Himax 5018-530612x840.59119,93075104276673
Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. High Quality 2100-3000mah used as trial cell in calculations. Presumed model weight of 76oz. @3 cells (added oz for higher cell counts). Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of battery, ESC, and many other factors.

SKU Number: SIGRC44

Price: $124.95 

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