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Sig Skyray 35

The Skyray 35 is an easy-to-build profile model suitable for a wide range of C/L flying fun. This excellent all purpose design is suitable for stunt, combat, sport racing, balloon bust, or general Sunday flying.

When equipped with a .19 engine, it makes a good first C/L trainer. Bolt on a Fox .35 Stunt engine, and the Skyray 35 will fly the complete AMA stunt pattern. Install a high-performance combat engine, and you'll have a real "Hot Rod" on your hands.

Died-in-the-wool C/L fliers will appreciate the Skyray 35's speedy assembly and super tough wing design - which features spruce spars and die-cut Lite-Ply wing ribs. This is one C/L profile stunter with a real difference!

Notes from Dave: I've flown electric control line a number of times and it's a real blast! Any kit can be converted with a little effort.

Suggested Fox 35 Emulator E-Motor Setup: Himax 3516-1130, Thunderbird 36 ESC, E-Flite Control Line Motor Timer, 3S 1500 Kypom Pack and 2 each 10-6 APC-E Props. Setup delivers 10,180 RPM (Fox 35 Stunt 10,200rpm), 58 mph pitch speed, 47 ounces thrust, 374 watts power @ 33.2 amps.

Suggested .19 Glow Emulator E-Motor Setup: Same as above except with 9-5 prop, 11,040 RPM, 52mph pitch speed, 34 ounces statics thrust, 246 watts power @ 21.9 amps.

Builder must refashion nose to mount e-motor and should be capable of doing this before placing order. We do not have special instruction sheet for this modification.
SKU Number: SIGCL25

Price: $69.99 
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