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Sig T-Clips EP - Product Image
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Sig T-Clips EP

"T-CLIPS" is no ordinary clipped wing Taylorcraft. Originally a stock 1939 Taylorcraft, this is the only clipped wing T'craft in the world currently flying airshows with an original size engine. Airshow pilot Erik Edgren refers to this as "Twistin It Old School". SIG is proud to team up with Erik and offer a new R/C model of his one-of-a-kind airplane.

Designed for electric power, the new SIG T-CLIPS EP is a pure aerobatic delight. It's not meant to be an exact scale model, but more of an everyday no-frills flying field favorite.

Voted by pilots as the "Best New R/C Airplane At SEFF 2013".

Download: Instruction PDF


Wingspan 60 in 1524 mm
Wing Area 630 sq in / 40.6 sq dm
Weight 4.5 - 5lb / 2041 - 2267g
Wing Loading 16.5 - 18.3 oz/sq.ft. 50 - 56 g/sq. dm
Radio Required 4-Channel
Recommended Power: 500-800 watts

Special notes about electric from Dave: I've been very excited about this fine model hitting the streets. It's an excellent high wing aerobatic model. Scale looks with a wide speed envelope. I have done an extensive work up of power systems I could recommend below. You don't get this kind of analysis from anybody else, even SIG. Think of lower capacities as the cell count increases, for 6S, I'm thinking about high quality 2200's, think about larger packs up to 4200 for 3S, maybe a 3300-3700 for 4S, a 2200-3300 for 5S. Some alteration of battery tray may be required and is not investigated as of this moment.

Setup and Performance Chart
Motor# CellsPropAmpsWatts InRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPHClimb FPMEst. Top Speed
Himax 3528-1000311x844.55018,6906656146856
Himax 3528-1000312x854.86128,1207760180358
Himax 3528-1000410x644.166212,1308067187561
Himax 3528-1000411x5.55379511,5609458221261
Himax 3528-0800313x841.14626,7506850146453
Himax 3528-0800411x7385709,6907662173059
Himax 3528-0800412x851.37708,8809366237364
Himax 3528-0800511x5.545.184611,99010160257064
Himax 3528-0800611.5.558.6131913,73013669388973
Himax 5018-530612x842.29509,84011673325171
Himax 5018-530613x6.545.31,0199,69012958341966
Himax 5018-530613x852.111729,36013969399573
Himax 5018-530614x757.512949,09015359423768

Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. High Quality 3200mah used as trial cell in calculations. 2200-4200mah packs presumed to be used. Presumed model weight of 80oz. Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of battery, ESC, and many other factors.

Price: $199.99 

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