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Silver Bearing Solder

Is probably the most versatile of our solder pastes. It will solder most ferrous and non-ferrous metals including copper, brass, bronze nickel, platinum, (some) chrome, monel, galvanized, (some)stainless, gold, silver, coated steel, cast iron, black steel, steel.
Silver Solder-It is extremely conductive because of its silver content. It produces extremely strong joints (5 to 10 times the strength of 60/40 solder) because it contains NO LEAD.
Because of its low flow temperature, you can solder small jobs with the heat from a match or lighter. It is particularly useful for electrical connections, board work, connectors of all types (especially PL259s & "N" Connectors), miniature connectors, battery pack connections.
For Model Railroaders, it solders rails without melting the plastic ties and is great for detailing because you can make multiple contiguous joints without disturbing the previously soldered joint... Yup, the first doohickey won't fall off as you are soldering the second one right next to it!



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