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Slow Stick Adjustable Camera Mount - Product Image
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Slow Stick Adjustable Camera Mount

At last a easy way to mount your digital camera to your Slow Stick boom. Our Camera Mount is loaded with form & function. Platform is large enough to fit almost any hand held camera. 4.2" long, 3.95" wide. It is slotted for Velcro One-Wrap and has 5 rubber band pegs on each end. Plenty of room for adhesive backed Velcro also. Mount allows adjustment axially around the stick in over a 90 degree arc. By repositioning the mount on the different facets of the boom any position around its 360 degrees may be set.

Another nice feature is the camera platform does not have to be glued to the supports. If used in this way, rubber bands are required (you'll probably use some to secure most any camera anyway) to lock the mount plate in its supports. This way you can remove the camera without undoing it from the mount platform plate. You may want to remove the camera to lighten your ship up for play or maybe you wish to change to an alternate camera for a special shot. Extra mounting plates are available for this purpose.

Want to get the sunset shot of the city (or mountains) with the wingtip in photo? This mount will make it possible. Aerial Photography "high-eye-in-the-sky" fun can provide endless entertainment and has some potential for profit. The Slow Stick must be the most popular camera platform ever. Easily carries the extra weight of a camera and is great for limited access takeoff and landing areas.

Note, you have to devise your own mechanical or electronic trigger to snap the photo. Velcro One-Wrap and top quality hardware included.

Configure your Slow Stick any way that suits you. Tricycle gear setups may prove desirable to provide the best protection for your camera. Parts to accomplish this are available in this category.

Schools and Universities: Science & Engineering classes interested in hands-on projects can consider a class project to obtain a student produced aerial photo as a combined lesson in engineering and project management. The school, local public works projects or even locally topical subject could be considered as the "Mission". Perhaps an infrared camera is available that could be used to photograph a neighborhood or school facilities on a cold winter day. The ensuing analysis of heat losses present endless opportunities for ongoing student projects and direction. The mission could be to study water runoff and retention during the high precipitation season. The number of fresh, new and exiting project ideas is without end. Combining science/engineering and construction of a UAV project with a real tangible result is certain to keep your students interested and engaged. An enlarged photo to display or publish your success can serve well to motivate the next group of students. Let us know if we can assist your curriculum in any way.

Price: $13.99 
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