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Slow Stick Pusher Motor and Wing Mount Set - Product Image
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Slow Stick Pusher Motor and Wing Mount Set

Ever want to setup your bird as a pusher? Maybe you have a front mounted camera system and wish to remove the prop from your videos and photos. Mount is adjustable for down thrust over a nice range making an otherwise tedious trim adjustment easy. This mount was designed to be used as the wing mount also. If you wish to use only the motor mount without wing mount, that works well also. In a recent project (and I expect most people will) we used it as the wing mount system as well. It gives you 1" of wing rise which is popular already. Choose only your dihedral angle perches below. Good quality socket head fasteners are included.

Designed for use with props up to 10" using normal motor mounts. Mounts that put the shaft of the motor close to the stick like the 10mm Tower Pro Motor Mounts and the 20mm motor/stick mount setups tend to move the motor closer limiting the prop diameter to 9". If the entire motor body is above the motor stick a 10" prop will fit.

Special Note: It has been observed that this mount may be used as a forward facing (tractor) motor mount also. For under-boom mounted forward facing camera work, it is often desirable to raise the motor up to get the prop arc out of the photograph. This mount facing forward on the nose accomplishes just that while still allowing you to adjust for proper down thrust angle.


Price: $13.99 
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