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Tiger Moth Kit - Product Image
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Tiger Moth Kit

6 years on and the original prototype still flies regularly at shows around Great Britain. (She really needs a pilot!). One of Flairs Quarter Classics Series - near scale quarter size models of truly memorable aircraft, it is a true classic.

Example above, T-5424 is painted in RAF training colours. It is flown regularly as part of the "Diamond Nine" display team no doubt reminding many a former RAF pilot of their training days.

General Construction Notes: The Flair Tiger Moth is designed for those with some experience looking for a larger near scale biplane. It is straightforward to build and we hope that the time we have spent preparing the instructions and diagrams will make construction a pleasure and produce a model of which the builder can be proud.

Type: 1/4 scale biplane
Span: 2260mm (89")
Length: 1840mm (72.5")
Height: 650mm (25.5")
Weight: 7.3-9kg (16-20lb)
Engines: 15-25cc 2 strokes(.90-1.50cu in), 20-30cc 4 strokes (1.20 - 1.80 cu in)
Radio: 4 channel (2 wing mounted standard servos for ailerons).
Wing Area: 1.44 m2 (15.5 ft2)
Tail Area: 0.16 m2 (1.7 ft2)

Centre of Gravity Position: 190-210mm back from centre section leading edge of top wing.
Incidence Angles: Tailplane +1.5deg, Top Wing +1.7deg, Bottom Wing +3deg.

Control Throws, approx: Elevator: +/-30mm, Rudder: 70mm L&R, Aileron: 40mm up & 16 mm down. Rating: Build Time-Lengthy, Build Skill-Average, Flying Skill-Competent, Instructions-Fully Detailed.

While this is a lengthy project it is enjoyable. Flair has spent a great deal of time making the instructions as fool proof as possible and has a great many commendations from modellers who have built and flown the "Tiggie". Awaiting clearance for take off at our fun fly Kit Contents. Sprung and Damped Telescopic Undercarriage. Lightweight Heavy Duty Wheels with DeHavilland Hub Covers. Stainless Steel Flying Wires and Terminations. Complete Closed Loop Control System for Rudder and Elevators. Die Stamped Steel Bracket Components. Die Stamped Liteply Components. Fibreglass Cowl External Detail Mouldings. Moulded Windscreens. Complete Hardware Pack. Extensive Clear Drawings and Instructions. A Generous Pinch of Flair Magic. Only Adhesives and Coverings are required to complete the airframe. Shipping details 44x12x9 Inch, 25lb 6oz Box

Additional Suggested Items:

Pilot "Johnny" FL1252 (not currently available, suggest Williams 62500)
Photo set of "T5424" FL1235
Decals "T5424" FL1200
Spares (for information only, these items included in kit): FL1231 ABS mouldings set, FL1230 Cowl, FL1201A Complete undercarriage kit, FL1201 Undercarriage legs only pair, FL1220 Wheels with covers pair, FL2068 Wing bolt set 2 required.

Sorry! Out of production and out of stock as of 9/25/15.

SKU Number: FL1047


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