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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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Q: How much is shipping?

A: Within the continental US economy shipping is just $5 minimum for orders under $50.00 value, when you order online or $9 minimum (phone orders). All orders under $50.00 do not include insurance, but can be added for an additional $2.50. All other orders shipped to a USA address valued $50.00 and over will be shipped insured, charges automatically calculated at checkout, you will be forced to make a selection. You can choose US Economy, Priority Mail or Express (to most US cities) with or without insurance (please protect your investment and add insurance), at applicable prices.

B: If you're paying by PayPal, the shipping defaults to $5 Economy Shipping. If you want to upgrade your shipping, make a comment on your order at checkout, and/or send us an email right after you place your order. Then, we'll bill your PayPal for the shipping upgrade adjustment to the order. We're sorry, this is a PayPal issue, not fault of Radical RC.

Shipping Costs: Economy Flat Fee $5.00

USPS Priority Mail to USA Addresses $9.00

Add Insurance, fee based upon order value:

$.01-$50.00 = $2.50

$50.01-$100.00 = $2.50

$100.01-$200.00 = $3.00

$200.01-$300.00 = $5.00

$300.01-400.00 = $6.00

$400.01-$500.00 = $7.50

$500.01-$600.00 = $10.00

$600.01-$700.00 = $11.00

$700.01-$800.00 = $12.50


Q: How are items shipped?

A: Generally, packed orders weighing less than 16 oz. are shipped economy First Class or Ground Advantage USPS Mail; packages 16 oz. or more are sent Priority Mail. Extra heavy or large items are sometimes sent via Fed-Ex Ground or UPS Ground at our discretion. We do our best to keep shipping costs to a minimum to save money for both of us.

Q: How much to ship an order to Canada?

A: We charge actual USPS air rates rounded up to nearest $1. We do not quote in advance. It’s way too much trouble to pick things out and packing materials and weigh. The other issue is it’s still just a guess as we aren’t really going to pack an order on a “maybe” just to quote shipping prices. If you want to estimate it, go to www.usps.com and enter the particulars. We only ship to Canada with the US Postal Service. We have found shipping times to usually be 4 or 5 days. At times it’s up to 14 days to Canada. We can’t control Canada Postal Service nor US Customs, any questions about unusual delays should be directed to them. ;-)

More information about large package orders:

Special Kit Shipping Note: Any package over 1 cubic foot volume going to destinations beyond USPS Zone 4 will be shipped by UPS Ground or rarely Parcel Post, regardless of shipping method chosen or paid for. USPS charges a "Balloon Rate" turkey charge (same rate as 20lbs) for large light weight packages. For example; A Slow Stick kit to California by Priority Mail cost about $40+ to ship. This policy only applies to orders containing larger kits, ARF's, radio systems and similar bulky boxes 1 cubic foot or larger.

Q: Will I get a tracking number?

A: Tracking numbers come automatically via USPS shipments sent via Stamps.com, FedEx and UPS.

Q: I ordered my goods US Economy shipping yesterday, my CC company says you’ve charged my card yet I don’t have the goods yet. What's up with you guys?

A: Your credit card is charged the moment you complete your order and checkout  on the website. If it turns out we sold out of an item you ordered, we'll email you with a plan of shipping the backordered item upon arrival from the manufacturer, unless you choose otherwise. Then, just let us know you want a refund, please do not file a claim, we're happy to refund you. Phone orders will be charged before we pack your order. If it is a special order, we will charge your card the day you initiate the order. Unusually large orders require advance notice, and may require a 50% deposit to initiate the order.

Q: I got an email backorder notice stating that you are out of stock of an item on my order, now what?

A: If we are out of stock of an item(s) you ordered, we will automatically place you on back order for it, then automatically ship it when it arrives, unless we hear from you otherwise. We will inform you via the email (sometimes included within our shipping confirmation email) as soon as possible so you can make a decision as to whether you want to wait for it or cancel the item and get a refund. We're happy to oblige either way. We want you to be happy and satisfied. 

Q: But, your website said that it was in stock!

A: No, our website lists items that we usually carry and keep in stock, but our website does not show up-to-the-minute stock status. If we know we are out of stock and that there is a wait time involved, we indicate that in the item listing. Sometimes, we set the website to allow you to order, with an "if you're willing to wait" notice in the item listing. We do our absolute best to keep the website up to date. We are working to be more up to date in the near future.

Q: Will you charge my card and ship to Nigeria?

A: No, our credit card company has informed us that nearly all credit card orders form Nigeria are fraudulent. 

Q: Will you ship to xyz country?

A: Most likely, rates are USPS rates for air shipment rounded up to nearest $1. No advance estimates are produced by Radical RC. You're welcome to estimate yourself at www.usps.com.

Q: I am an international customer, your website didn't charge me anything for shipping, even though I made a shipping selection, why?

A: We pick, pack, and weigh all international orders and charge you the actual cost rounded up to the next US Dollar. We are not out to take advantage of our international customers.

This is how it works, Paypal customers will receive an Invoice for the shipping amount. Credit Card Customers with shipping of $20 or less will receive a second charge for the actual shipping amount. If the amount is over $20, we will inform you of the shipping amount and ask permission to charge your card by email. By placing an order and using a credit card, you are pre-approving a second charge up to $20. If you don't want to pay what it costs to ship your goods, your order will be refunded if we haven't already shipped your order. Understand, we treasure our international customers. We do everything possible to get your goods to you quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Many small orders which are a few ounces (100 grams) or less go out for just $7-10.00. We want your future business.

Be aware items over 24" long can only ship by International Priority Mail and this can be quite costly. A recent 5lb 36" long kit was $65 to Australia. Yikes! Check www.usps.com if you want to get a feel for what different weights cost.

Please add the following emails to your address book so you can receive your order confirmation, Radical RC communications, and shipping information: sales@RadicalRC.com, orders@RadicalRC.com & noreply@stamps.com.

Q: Should I buy insurance, really?

A: It’s up to you. We don't force you, but we like it if you do because if it’s lost in or damaged during transit, it’s your loss if you didn't purchase insurance for your order. If you choose to insure your order, we are then able to file a claim for reimbursement of your loss, a much better scenario for all of us. Loss or damage does not happen that often, but it does happen on occasion. If we had complete control, it would never happen.

Q: What if my package arrives damaged from USPS, UPS or FEDEX

A: Please follow these steps:

Step 1) DO NOT OPEN the package

Step 2) TAKE PHOTOS of the package damage

Step 3) Email photos to Sales@RadicalRC.com in reply to your order confirmation email you received from us when you placed your order.

Step 4) Hold onto the package, do not discard anything. Our shipper may ask for the damaged package and all contents. Hold until we can give you further instructions as per the shipper's policy.

Step 5) We might need you to return it, so if it is unopened we can instruct you to mark the package "REFUSED" so it can return to us at no charge. Good for both of us.

Step 6) If we want the return, we might ask you to drop the package back into the mail, USPS will return it to us (at no charge to you nor Radical RC). For UPS or FedEx, hold onto your package and await instruction please. 

Step 7) If you insured the package, great! We'll file a claim for reimbursement and ship you a new order or refund your purchase if this was a last in stock item. If the package was not insured, you chose to take that risk at checkout and it's your loss. Still want the order? Feel free to place a new order through our website and please add insurance. Upon arrival of your return, Radical RC will inspect the contents and credit your original method of payment for any product that was not damaged. Remember, all orders over $50.00 value are now automatically insured to USA addresses. 




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